Your boat deserves nothing but the best.  It starts with getting the right lift. Not sure which Cradle Lift you need? Relax – help is just a phone call away at Pier & Waterfront Solutions. 

Davit Master introduced the first Cradle Lift in 1980.  It is widely known for its reliability, speed and, quiet operation. Today, you have even more options and our staff is here to help you find the correct lift. 

You want a cradle lift that delivers the speed you need and the maintenance level that works for you. Davit Master’s Boat Cradle Lifts come in aluminum, galvanized steel or a combination of both.  Any of these are capable of braving the elements.  All that and they still lift up to 45,000 pounds without the maintenance you’d expect. Pipe drives with aluminum cable winders between support beams allow for smooth operation while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Cradle Lifts with power and convenience.

Choose from 3 options –

Premier Direct Drive – The Cradle Lift premier direct drive system delivers protection and power while requiring very little maintenance. You’ll be carefree thanks to this premier direct drive lift that’s totally enclosed with precision gearing and self-lubricating oil bath.

Chain Drive – The Cradle Lift chain drive system is all work so you can play. Don’t let the quiet, smooth operation fool you – this chain drive lift gets the job done fast, even in rough waters.  Maintenance is a breeze.

Flat Plate Belt Drive – The flat plate lift system provides an economical alternative and is made with the same care and attention-to-detail as Davit Master’s other Boat Cradle Lifts.

All Davit Master Cradle Boat Lifts come with convenient options.  This includes easy access platforms to make boarding and servicing safe and easy. Add a Radio Motor Control (RMC) with a limit switch.  This allows you to easily preset upper and lower stopping points automatically.


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