TS9 Truss Dock

The QuickConnect™ accessory system makes it easy to install and remove accessories without tools.


TS9 ShoreMaster Dock – Superior Strength – easy customization 

image of ShoreMaster TS9 aluminum dock

ShoreMaster TS9 aluminum dock

The ShoreMaster Infinity TS9  dock utilizes a truss style rail side for added strength.  Combine this with precision welding and you have the perfect combination of low maintenance, strength, and stability.  It’s available in both a wheel-in and a sectional dock system.

The 9″ truss side frames allow the wave action to pass through the frames with a minimum of resistance.  Combine that with Flow-Through decking and you have the least wave resistance on the market.  There are 11 deck styles and colors avaiable to fit your needs.

These features, along with an RS4 curved dock, give you an infinite abundance of configurations available.  

There is a full range of InfinityTrack™ accessories available also. 

TS 9 Product Features:

  • 5-Sided Aluminum Dock Legs with 18” Leg Pockets for added stability
  • Optional 2″ Schedule 40 steel dock legs available
  • Bi-lateral leg braces at every leg included for strength
  • Optional angled leg pockets for increased stability
  • 9” Classic Truss Side Design
  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame System with Precision Welded Construction
  • InfinityTrack™ Frame Assembly utilizes the InfinityTrack accessory system (Add or move accessories without tools). No Holes to Drill. 
  • 4’ and 6’ Wide Frame Sections
  • 11 deck configurations and colors available.

Just a few of the possible dock configurations available.

Remarkable Strength & Stability

Featuring a 9” classic truss side frame, the Infinity TS9 provides superior strength and durability. With a continuous truss stringer and precision dime-welded construction, the Infinity TS9 is built to withstand the rigors of seasonal storms.  It’s easy to install and remove.  5-Sided Dock Legs™ help provide three points for unmatched dock stability and safety.

Wheel-In or Standing Dock Configurability

The Infinity TS9 is available as a standing or roll-in system.  This allows for easy installation, no matter what your shoreline is like. Plus, the InfinityTrack™ frame connection system provides you with a premium, hassle-free, fully customizable dock experience.

image of InfinityTrack™ Accessory System

InfinityTrack™ Accessory System

Industry’s Most Accessories

The InfinityTrack™ accessory system makes it easy to install and remove accessories without tools.

The Infinity TS9 is a durable, classic truss dock solution for waterfront owners.  This is especially true if you are looking for a low maintenance dock system.   It is ideal for rough wave situations with its open side frames and Flow Through decking.


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