ShoreMaster continues to be the leader in the Marine industry.  They recently announced a significant improvement to their boat lift winch system.  They had previously introduced the Whisper Winch which eliminated the “clanking” noise to a whisper when you crank the wheel.

Now, beginning in 2019 they are introducing the latest development – Whisper Winch 2.0.

This new winch gives you extended cable life by introducing a larger winding reel.  Why is this important?  Having a 50% increase in winch diameter means there is less internal stress on the cable strands as they wrap around the larger reel.  Any internal chafing is significantly reduced, and the galvanizing on the winch cable strands last longer.

It also eliminates cable stacking which also increases the life expectancy of the winch cable.  Removing cable stacking means less cable “shocks” and abrasion which in turn means fewer replacements for you.  By “shocks” we are not referring to an electrical shock. 

When a cable begins to stack up along the edges of the drum, it will climb two or more levels.  At that point, the cable will slip off the stack, and the boat falls about ½” in an instant.  The “falling” results in a very loud ”shock” or noise.  That doesn’t seem like much movement, but that ½” can mean a loud “shock” or a broken cable?

image of Typical Cable Stacking

Typical Cable Stacking

The “shock” is dangerous for the cable because it momentarily has no weight on it and then all the weight of the moving boat is suddenly applied again.  Picture a moving car hitting an immovable object.  The “shock” is similar on the lift cable.

One moment the boat is free to fall (albeit a short distance), and in the next moment, it snaps to a complete halt.  All the pressure is on the cable at that point.  Any weaknesses in the cable (rust, broken strands, frayed wires) could mean your boat will end up in the water and not necessarily floating.

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