The 2018 install season in Door County has begun! 

Yes, the 2018 install season has begun in Door County.  Actually, we started delivering equipment and did some installs a week ago in certain areas.  As more areas open up we will gain access to them.  We will be expanding into more areas as weather permits.  We’ve all been looking forward to this.  What part will Nature play in the schedule?

Nature will probably throw a few curves at us (snow, wind, rain to name a few) but we will continue with our work.  As most of you know we have added a third ATF, truck and trailer setup.  We’ve also added additional crews to assist us with our growing customer base this year. 

What changes have been made this season?

In early March we sent out an email announcing the addition of John Englebert as our new Service Manager and Scheduler.  We encourage you to contact John @ 920-495-2860 or with scheduling requests and questions. 

John has been doing an excellent job of accommodating requests so far.  As the season progresses the schedules will get tighter but John always seems to find a way to make it work (if Nature co-operates).

image of What we look forward to

What we look forward to


image of ice shove

No more of this

Looking for something new this year?  Call Jerry or Dave.  Have a repair that needs attention?  Call John to schedule it!

Where can you find Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

We are located in the center of the Door County Peninsula at 7325 St. Hwy 42/57. That’s 1 mile North of County MM (Hwy 42) and 3 miles South of Sturgeon Bay. Look for the Idlewild Road intersection.

Our staff is always ready to serve your needs year round.

Don’t forget – Give us a call If you have a dock or boatlift topic you would like to see addressed on our site,

Call Jerry at 920-493-4404 or Email for more information.