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7325 State - Highway 57,  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Hours:  Mon–Fri:  8am-4pm
Saturday: By appointment • Sunday: Closed



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Looking for high performance, low maintenance boat lifts?

Welcome aboard!

You can count on Pier & Waterfront Solutions’ experienced crew to help you navigate all the options and find the boat lift that fits your specific needs based on capacity, where you’re installing it and your budget. From consultation and delivery to installation and on-going support, consider us your lighthouse when it comes to expert advice and getting the job done right under even the most challenging conditions.


Elevator Boat Lift    

Davit Master Elevator Boat Lift

Davit Master elevator lifts mount to the side of a permanent pier, pilings, or a seawall. There are single-track models available and double-track models for up to 16,000 lbs.
Davit Master elevator lifts enable the boat to rise above the pier. Now you have even more protection.
Elevator lifts are available with galvanized steel or aluminum beams for less maintenance. The units attach to pilings or permanent docks. Some models are even available with a “swing-up” feature to protect them from moving ice in winter.

                                                                        Davit Master Elevator Boat Lift


Davit Master Swinger Jet Ski lift

The Swinger 1500# capacity jet ski lift will mount to a seawall, permanent pier, or pilings. The lift goes as high as your dock, and it will “swing” over the pier for easy maintenance and  storage.

You finally have the sailboat, jet ski, power boat or jet ski you’ve always wanted. The only thing better than feeling the wind in your face and riding the waves would be finding a Jet Ski Lift that’s as easy to use.

Why miss a single minute of fun? Davit Master Jet Ski Lifts are versatile, lightweight and offer the ultimate ease and protection. With so many great choices, we’ll make sure you find the one that fits your boat weight and travel length needs perfectly.

Do you want your jet ski to lift and rotate your over a dock or seawall? The Swinger Boat Lift is the answer. Launch and store up to 1,500 pounds in an instant. Easy access makes maintenance a snap. The Swinger Lift stays ship-shape since it’s not mounted in the water and stores your jet ski out of water. Choose from electric or manual self-braking winch options.


About Davit Master

Need a boat lift company you can trust? Count on Davit Master!

Since 1976, Davit Master has been the boat lift company of choice for boat owners and marine contractors across the U.S. and beyond. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. We’ve built our reputation one boat lift at a time by maintaining meticulous standards that extend to the top-grade materials we use, the manufacturing processes we follow, the quality control we enforce and the skilled people we’re proud to call family. We’re also proud to say every single Davit Master boat lift is made in America.

Website:  https://www.davitmaster.com/


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