7325 State - Highway 57,  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235 | Hours:  Mon–Fri:  8am-4pm • Saturday: By appointment • Sunday: Closed

7325 State - Highway 57,  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Hours:  Mon–Fri:  8am-4pm
Saturday: By appointment • Sunday: Closed



Service / Scheduling:


Service / Scheduling:






Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Hours?

Our Year-Round Hours:

  • Mon–Fri:   8am – 4pm
  • Saturday: By appointment
  • Sunday:   Closed
Who should I talk to about my project?
  • Shoreline protection – rip-rap – Dave (920) 905-2588.
  • Docks, piers, repairs, or boat lifts Sales – Jerry (920) 493-4404.
  • Service work or scheduling work – Keri (920) 493-4406.
  • Billing  – Lynn (920)-493-4406


Do you install and remove docks and lifts?

Yes. Pier & Waterfront Solutions does yearly installs and removals. PWS is a turn-key operation.  We do it all. 

Due to the tight labor market we recommend you check with Keri @ (920) 493-4405 to confirm availability of install slots.

What is the cost to install & removal docks and lifts?

Without seeing the dock or lift and the location it’s placed, we can only guess at a price. After gathering some preliminary information or making a site visit, we try to provide you with a “range” to get you started. A  site visit is the most accurate way to give you a price.


Do I have to be home for an installation?

No.  Once we know where you want the equipment installed, you do not have to be present. Sometimes a neighbor will help you out.

Is PWS insured?

Yes.  We are fully insured to protect you and our crews. 

Will any equipment drive across my lawn?

When a customer specifically requests that we don’t drive on the lawn, we first search for an alternate location to reach the beach.  In some cases, a neighbor will allow us to access the beach through their property. If all else fails, we can complete the work by using our Crane-Barge equipped with a 60′ crane.

I have a shear cliff with no beach for winter storage. Can you store my equipment on the top for winter?

Our Crane-Barge (12′ x 45′) has a 60′ vertical reach and will handle most equipment.

Will someone come to my site before installation?

Yes. To see what our crews will need to do the job efficiently, we do a pre-install visit to assess the situation. We also take photos to give all the necessary information to our crews.

Do you build decks, stairways, or ramps?

Yes.  See our Services Page.

Do lifts require maintenance?

Yes.  A regular lubrication schedule should to followed for the cables. Some lift brands may have “zerk” fittings for lubrication. ShoreMaster lifts do not require lubrication other than a cable maintenance schedule.

How do I start the process?

That’s easy.  Call Jerry or Dave or simply send a quote request.

Where are you located?

7325 State – Hwy 57.   3 miles South of Sturgeon Bay and one block North of the Hwy 42 – 57 (CTY MM) Intersection.

    May I use a credit card?

    No. At this time, we are not accepting credit card payments due to the high fees.

      Do you offer replacement floats for rafts and piers?

      Yes.  PWS also replaces damaged floats at marinas and can replace damaged decking on permanent and floating piers. 


        Do you take trades for docks and lifts?

        Yes. We take consignments. You get paid when the buyer pays for the equipment.  


          Do I set the selling price for a consignment?

          Yes. However, setting an unrealistic price will delay the sale. We will make suggestions for a selling price to help you make your decision.


            What is the average cost of a dock?

            Unfortunately, there is no average cost. There are so many factors that enter that equation that we would have to give you a very high price to cover ourselves. Frequently, we will try to provide you with a “range” to get you started.


              What is the cost of a boat lift?

              There are so many variables (boat weights, widths, accessories) that an off-the-cuff price would be meaningless.  Bring your boat year, make and model, along with your location and we will get the proper information.


                Do you service other brand docks and lifts?

                Yes.  We service ALL brands of equipment. 


                  I bought another property. Can you transport my equipment?

                  Yes.  PWS has all the necessary expertise, equipment, and permits to transport your equipment to other locations.



                    Can a cantilever lift be used on Green Bay?

                     Yes & No.  Cantilever lifts have the least lifting height of all lifts.  Therefore it is very important to have us review your location for a proper “fit”.

                    For example, combine a water surge with strong winds and your boat is likely gone if you don’t have the proper lift.  This is especially true if you are south of the Sturgeon Bay canal.  For this reason, we don’t recommend it anywhere there are water surges.




                      Do you re-deck existing piers?

                      Yes.  This includes floating, permanent, roll-in and stationary piers and docks.



                        Do you salvage sunken equipment?

                        Yes. We salvage sunken equipment



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