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7325 State - Highway 57,  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Hours:  Mon–Fri:  8am-4pm
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Choosing the Right Boat Lift

A Guide to Capacity and Travel You worked hard to buy the boat of your dreams. When you finally get the time to enjoy it, you don’t want to waste time getting it into the water. That is why so many waterfront owners choose to purchase boat lifts to store their vessel...

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Time to start thinking about water levels

Time to start thinking about water levels

It may seem early in the season to be thinking about water levels but not for us! We need to know what to expect in the months to come to be ready for what may, or may not, happen. Summer water levels tell us how much pier our customers will need and where to install...

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Are you a Pontoon Boat Pro?

Are you a Pro with a Pontoon Boat? Pontoon boats are a relaxing way to enjoy boating any season of the year. It's Fall, and there are still days when you will wish you could be out on a pontoon boat. It might be a little cooler, but after the hot summer, it will be...

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Summer ended – Boating Season is over

SUMMER HAS ENDED Summer for many people has ended. It's a sad time for many people. People are heading home. Many families have to get back for school for the kids and can only come back on weekends. Still, there will be some great days left this Fall.  Many of our...

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Are SWAY BRACES needed?

DOCK SWAY BRACE Is a sway brace used on your dock? If not, does your dock sway as you walk on it? There are several reasons this can happen to any dock or pier. There are main TWO reasons for dock movement. You need to distinguish between the two types of movement. Is...

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How to Plan an EROSION CONTROL PROJECT Part 2 of a series discusses FAQ about erosion control - The signs to look for and steps to take. See part one for more information.  Before beginning any actions to correct erosion, determine why the erosion is occurring....

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WHAT CAUSES SHORELINE EROSION?  Lakeshores are areas of constant dynamic energy. Powerful waves, high water, and ice move soil particles away from shorelines. In more severe cases, small pebbles and eventually rocks begin to wash out. When the water reaches far enough...

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PIER & WATERFRONT SOLUTIONS It's been a fast-moving six months since our last article about PWS.  Dave Kalista and Jerry Englebert started in 2015. Like all new business owners, they were willing to put their futures on the line.  The first "office" consisted of a...

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NEED A NEW STAIRWAY? Is the wood on the stairway to the beach rotted? Are those flat stones moss-covered, tilted, and slippery? Are the railings loose? And most importantly - Would your favorite grandmother feel safe walking down to the beach? Just need to add...

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COMPARE A JUMBO JET TO OPEN DECKING You've flown. Whether it's 100 or 1,000 miles, it's the same principle.  While landing at 125 MPH, a plane uses its "flaps" to provide extra "lift" when the forward speed is insufficient to keep the aircraft in the air. Flaps are...

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New HR/Finance Manager joins PWS

  Our new HR/Finance Manager   Lynn Bretl   Lynn has worked in the complex finance world for over 20 years with great success. Now, as the PWS Human Resource and Finance Manager, Lynn is responsible for accounts payables & receivables, taxes and HR...

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CIRCLE OF DEATH If you have a boat under 26 feet, the attached information is for you! There have been many incidents resulting in mangled bodies and death.  Please read this immediately. Kill Switch Regulation Details announced by U.S. Coast Guard today, 10 March...

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BASKETBALL HOOP & WATER-SLIDE   A basketball hoop and a slide are some of the latest additions to the ShoreMaster line of accessories. Take the game off the court and put it in the cool water.  Everyone will enjoy a Basketball Hoop from ShoreMaster! Imagine...

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Your Assistance Needed

Today we have a request for YOUR assistance. As you may know, we have written several articles about the Glacier Flow Thru and Sun Walk decking used on the ShoreMaster docks and PWS's own 3-Season Pier, respectively. (We use two deck brands due to the different widths...

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How Long Will a Boat Lift Last?

How Long Will a Boat Lift Last? Your boat is a BIG investment. You want to protect it for years to come. It only makes sense that your boat lift system should last at least as long as your boat. If your boat lift is well-built and maintained, it can last 25 years or...

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Replacement Canopy Covers Your boat lift is in the water, and you are ready for a great summer of boating. Have you taken your first cruise this year? Yes! It was a great experience - wasn't it? That is until you noticed the hole(s) in your canopy cover. Did the last...

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Why use a lead acid battery?

Why Is A Lead Acid Battery used? For years, the battery of choice for boat motors has been the lead-acid type. New technology will someday lower lithium battery prices, and boaters will change over to the latest technologies. In the meantime, boat owners will continue...

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Boat Lift Accessories Make Life Simple

BoatLift Accessories Make Life Simple Summer fun starts and ends at your dock and boat lift. Here, all your summer waterfront activities begin. Make your dock and boat lift look great and perform effortlessly. There is no need to struggle to bring your boat back into...

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Choice -by any name = Pier & Waterfront Solutions

Choice -by any name = Pier & Waterfront Solutions Pier & Waterfront Solutions offers more dock choices than any Door County dock dealer.  Most dealers offer a limited choice of aluminum docks or possibly a lightweight steel dock. Aluminum is popular because it...

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The Right Dock Dealer for your DOCK.

What dock dealer has your next dock? Selecting the right dock dealer is the most important part of finding the right dock for your property.  You need a dealer with experience and a great reputation.   How experienced is Pier & Waterfront Solutions? The...

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Weather Radar and Boaters

Weather Radar and Boaters  All Boaters need to understand weather radar.   In the old days, weather forecasters based their predictions on a combination of things: 1. A barometer; 2. Good eyesight (a weather eye); and 3. Aching bones.   While today's boater likely...

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How to Select the Correct Dock Lights

Selecting the Correct Dock Lights   Lights for your dock and boat lift are essential for the security of your family and guests. Proper dock lights can prevent a serious accident.   Lighting also serves as a guide when you return to your pier at night.   PWS will help...

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May – Water Safety Month

May - Water Safety Month   Water Safety Month is here. With the start of Summer right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about FUN IN THE SUN!  You've been waiting for it - Now ENJOY IT!! You want all your family and friends to be safe, and you would...

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“Small Barge” for Dock Installs

"Small Barge" In a March 30, 2021 article, PWS announced the latest addition to our dock & boat lift install equipment. Namely - our "small barge." We now have a much clearer picture to show you.   The "Small Barge" measures 12' x 40', so it's not so small after...

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