BoatLift Accessories Make Life Simple

Summer fun starts and ends at your dock and boat lift. Here, all your summer waterfront activities begin. Make your dock and boat lift look great and perform effortlessly.

There is no need to struggle to bring your boat back into your lift. PWS has the equipment to make life easier for you.

PWS features a full line of ShoreMaster boat lift accessories.  We have a wide range of accessories to customize your dock and boat lift and fit your needs. Here are a few of the most popular solutions for your boat lift.


image of Vinyl Boat Bunks

Vinyl Bunks

Aluminum and Vinyl Bunks

PWS offers top-of-the-line, vinyl-covered aluminum bunks that protect your boats hull. With vinyl-covered bunks, you’ll never have torn, unsightly carpeting to replace. 

Vinyl does not hold the sand and debris like carpeting does and never needs replacement. Vinyl bunks protect your hulls’ finish and make a great boat lift accessory.

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image of Bunks & Guide accessories

Bunks & Guide accessories

Guides and Rails

PWS also offers bow or full-length guides to hold your boat in the proper lifting position. The guides and rails make it much easier to control your boat in the waves.

The bow guide keeps your boat from overrunning the lift to ensure that it’s properly aligned. Waves will no longer push you too far forward on the boatlift. 

You’re always appropriately balanced on the lift rack.  See also.

Full-length guides mount on the lift rack to help you center the boat. Never get washed into the frames again. More importantly, the boat remains correctly centered at all times.

The boat guide and full-length guide use high-quality marine aluminum alloys and offer durability and protection for your watercraft. 

For pontoon boat owners, we offer a welded aluminum rail kit option. They fit your craft’s unique shape.



Adjustable Motor Stop

Motor Stops

Keep your boat from advancing too far into the lift by installing a motor stop. Motor stops let you position your boat on the lift with ease. This stop keeps your boat correctly balanced on the lift frames. 

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Adjustable Bow Stop


image of ShoreMaster Bow Guide

image of ShoreMaster Bow Guide Schematic

Bow Guide Accessory


Here’s another alternative to keep your boat in the correct position. The adjustable Bow Stop accessory prevents you from overrunning your boat lift.  The cushioned bumper on the frame prevents damage to your boat.  You’ll always be in the exact position for storing your boat.

The bow stop or the motor stop will make your life easier.   Call Jerry today!





               PVC Guide on-Single set


PVC Vertical Guide-On

A PVC vertical guide-on makes it easier to align and position your watercraft on the boat lift. The PVC guide-on means there is no maintenance. These guides allow your boat to slide along drive the boat rub rail to prevent touching the hull or marring the gel coat or decals. They gently push you back into position as the PVC turns.  They are available in single or Double units.



Battery Box Holders & Trays


                 Battery box tray accessory


Keeping your batteries out of the way is vital for safe and convenient operation. Never let a battery sit unprotected on your dock where children can touch them.

The battery tray mounts to the frame on the lift leg or a canopy frame. You’ll have a clean, clutter-free look with the batteries stored in the proper cases





             Canopy Lift Loft

Canopy Lift Lofts

The universal size loft fits any canopy system. A loft can help keep your boating accessories dry and out of the way. The mesh is breathable and coated to inhibit mold growth. They are a great place to store your life preservers, canoe or kayak paddles, and more. Keep them handy, safe, and dry.

You’ll never have to find someone to carry your equipment to the boat again.


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