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We are an Authorized Dealer of SHOREMASTER Boat Lifts

ShoreMaster developed the first aluminum, welded-framed boat lift almost 50 years ago and revolutionized the industry.
Today, ShoreMaster lifts are trusted everywhere to protect your watercraft.

Website: https://www.shoremaster.com

Vertical Lifts

image of Vertical Boat Lift

Vertical Boat Lift

Durable. Simple. Versatile.

Capacity – 1,200# – 7,000#

Widths – 8 ft, 9 ft, and 10 ft.

Vertical boat lifts can accommodate any style of boat or pontoon hull. The ShoreMaster double V-side design provides easy access from either side of the lift.

Innovative Design

ShoreMaster introduced brass cable pulleys instead of the more common plastic pulleys which deteriorate over time and exposure to UV rays.

They also introduced the all-aluminum V-rack. This feature allowed your boat to get into shallower water, which is very important in the shallow waters of Door County.

Vertical boat lifts come in widths up to 10 feet wide which makes it a versatile option that will pay dividends for years to come.

Premium Performance

Welded construction provides superior durability over bolt-together frames, with easier assembly and installation. The welded construction means less maintenance in the future. This maintenance, caused by enlarged bolt holes, is common on lesser brands.

Easy Access

The double V-side design provided safe and convenient access from either side of the lift. There are no horizontal bars to crawl over.

Incredible Reliability

The standard Whisper Winch allowed quiet operation with amazing reliability.

ShoreMaster innovation continues today with the introduction of the new Whisper Winch II. The latest winch design has a larger cable drum which results in less stress on the cables.  This prolongs the cable life expectancy.

Combine all of these features to make a boat lift well suited for fluctuating water conditions or rough waters:

  • Lift rack travel of 66”;
  • Heavy duty, all aluminum, welded frames;
  • Reinforced all aluminum V-Racks;
  • Smooth, quiet operation of the Whisper Winch;
  • Reduced of strain on the lift cables with a large winch drum; and
  • V-side frames for easier access.

Pontoon Lift

image of ShoreMaster Pontoon Lift

ShoreMaster Pontoon Lift

 Stability Specifically Designed For Today’s Pontoons

Capacity  – 4000# – 7000#

Widths – 10 ft, 11 ft.

Get superior protection for today’s pontoons with the longer, wider lift base found on a ShoreMaster pontoon lift.

With a double V-side design and pontoon bunk system, the lift will keep your watercraft clean, safe, and ready for your next outing.

Superior Stability

Wider, longer frames provide better stability for your pontoon boat and are available up to 132” wide.

Premium Performance

Welded V – frame construction means more durability over bolt-together lifts, with easier installation and less cable maintenance in the future.

image of Lift Boss Motor

Lift Boss Motor

Easy Access

Standard double V-side design provides safety and convenient access from either side of the lift.

Premium Protection

Pontoon Guide Rails allow non-marring protection and even-weight distribution.

Easy Operation

Add a motor to increase your ease of operation. Take the work out of raising your pontoon boat.


 ShorePort Dock Platform

image of ShorePort Dock Platform

ShorePort Dock Platform

Capacity – 1,150#

The ShorePort Dock Platform is the simplest, maintenance free option for marinas, rivers, and lakes. It is ideal for bodies of water with minimal wave action.

What could be more natural than driving directly onto the floating dock? You can stay dry when you step onto the floating platform.

The biggest Advantage –

No wheels to turn, no motors to operate – simply drive onto the platform. So easy – even the kids can do it!

With a 1,150# capacity, the ShorePort easily handles the bigger, three seat PWC’s.

A walking platform makes it easy to access both sides along with a cleat for securing your jet ski.

No winches or motors required.


Hydraulic Lift

image of Hydraulic Lift by ShoreMaster

Hydraulic Lift by ShoreMaster

Easy. Refined. Push Button Operation.

Hydraulic boat lifts provide ultra-quiet, push-button operation for the ultimate convenience. ShoreMaster hydraulic lifts feature premium components to accommodate a boat or pontoon hull with superior protection from the elements.

Easy Operation

The remote control operation is standard with all hydraulic lifts for easy, convenient lift operation.

Premium Performance

Welded construction provides superior durability over bolt together lifts, with easier assembly and installation.

Easy Ownership

Traditional hydraulic design requires minimal maintenance making it easy to own.

Endless Versatility

Lift rack beams can accommodate bunks, guides, and other accessories to fit any style of watercraft.

Superior Durability

The premium hydraulic pump is housed in an attractive fiberglass box and designed for simple and reliable operation.


Vertical PWC Lift

Classic Design. Built to Last.

Capacity – 1,200#

Width – 64”

Using the same proven frame design as the classic Vertical boat lift makes this lift:

Easy to Own.

The ShoreMaster Vertical jet ski or PWC lift offers simple, reliable protection for your watercraft.

The time-proven vertical design ensures smooth operation and minimal maintenance meaning you get to spend more time on the water and less time making repairs.

Low Maintenance

Solid Brass pulleys (not plastic) with Stainless Steel bushings require zero maintenance. The pulleys have deep grooves so the cables won’t fall off and the sides never break.

Premium Performance

Welded frame construction provides superior durability over bolt together lifts, with easy installation and less maintenance.

Simple and Dependable

Stainless steel cables and brass pulleys (not plastic) offer incredible dependability. Yearly, maintenance-free ownership, is assured for years of operation.

Time-Tested Design

Premium pivot bushings are the reason our vertical PWC lifts last for decades, not just years.

image of Lift Boss Motor

Lift Boss Motor



Optional – Motor Drives

D.C. motors can be added to make it easy to lift even the heaviest PWC on the market today.


Elevator Lifts

image of Davit Master Elevator Lift

Davit Master Elevator Lift

Single Track Capacity – up to 4,500#
Double Track Capacity – up to 16,000#


Davit Master synchronized AC motor drives enable this lift to raise your boat higher than your pier.

Elevator lifts are available with galvanized steel or aluminum beams for less maintenance.

Some models are available with a swing away winter feature for protection from the ice.

AC power is required for operation.


Swinger Jet Ski lift

image of Swinger 1500 # Jet Ski Lift

Swinger 1500 # Jet Ski Lift

image of Swinger lifts

Swinger lifts

Capacity – up to 1,500#

This Tide Tamer 1500# capacity jet ski lift can mount to seawalls, concrete, permanent piers or pilings as shown.

Swinger lifts have the ability to “swing” over the permanent pier for maintenance or storage of the jet ski during high wave action or winter months.

Single & double lift models are available.

It requires AC power for operation.


ShoreMaster Dock Systems

Pier & Waterfront Solutions (PWS) & ShoreMaster offer you eight dock frame constructions – PLUS – nine decking options. That’s more choices than anyone.

Frame choices include:


• TS9  (Stationary or Wheel in)
• RS7  (Stationary or Wheel in)
• RS4  (Stationary)
• FTS9  (Floating)


• PolyDock  (Floating)


• (Stationary)

As your one-stop dealer, you will find a solution with us for all your dock & boat lift needs.

Your Design is Our Commitment.

ShoreMaster Dock Systems

Create your perfect waterfront experience with the most user-friendly dock systems on the market.

ShoreMaster provides exceptional stability and versatile configuration options.

Only ShoreMaster docks have features like 5-sided dock legs and the Infinity Track System.

They’re the perfect customizable solution for your waterfront.

image of ShoreMaster 5-sided dock legs

ShoreMaster 5-sided dock legs

Infinity Leg Pockets with Braces

ShoreMaster uses extended leg pockets and braces on all standing & wheel-in dock frames. These features give you extra stability and strength.

image of Extended leg pockets with braces

ShoreMaster Extended leg pockets with braces

Infinity Track System

 ShoreMaster dock systems use the exclusive Infinity Track accessory bracket and Infinity dock frame channel. With this combination, you have no unsightly holes to drill. There are no tools required for installation or removal of any accessory or dock section. It could not be easier to do!

 All accessories and dock frames can mount anywhere along the dock. Move them on a moment’s notice. Create endless configurations and customization. Best of all, there are NO TOOLS required.  

image of Infinity Track System

Infinity Track System

Recessed Decking

All ShoreMaster docks have recessed decking, so there are never any splinters or sharp edges to cause injuries.

image of Splinterless decking

No Splinters or Sharp Edges

Infinity TS9

image of Dock Frame

TS9 ShoreMaster Dock Frame


Classic Truss Design. Timeless Durability.

Standing or Wheel-in Configurations available.

The Classic TS9 dock frame sizes include:

4’ x 8’      4’ x 16’    6’ x 8’     6’ x 16’
and 3’ corners

The ShoreMaster Infinity TS9 is aluminum framed durable, classic truss dock. The frame style is an excellent solution for owners looking for low maintenance and an easy-to-own dock. Perfect for rocky to soft lake bottoms with shallow to deep water depths and rough waters.

The 9” frame is incredibly sturdy for its weight. It’s great for the rough waters of Green Bay. The TS9 truss frame is the most popular dock construction on the bay of Green Bay.

Two unique leg mounting styles use a heavy-duty aluminum leg for more stability. Optional 2”, schedule 40, galvanized steel legs are also available.

With the Infinity Track system, accessories mount anywhere along its perimeter. Best of all – NO TOOLS REQUIRED.

Combine the TS9 frame with RS4 curved corners for even more unique configurations.


Infinity RS7 

image of Dock Configuration 4

ShoreMaster RS 7 Frames

Strong.  Solid.  Highly  Configurable.

 Standing or Wheel-in configurations

The RS7 aluminum dock frame sizes include:

4’ x 8’      4’ x 16’    6’ x 8’     6’ x 16’
and 3’ corners

The ShoreMaster  Infinity RS7 frame is one of the most stable and attractive dock systems available.  The 7” frame can be configured to fit nearly any layout you desire. It is perfect for a rocky to soft lake bottom with shallow to moderate water depths.

Galvanized steel legs are available to provide even more strength and stability. The RS7 frame is remarkably strong. Use the RS7 dock frame with the RS4 curved corners for even more unique configurations.

The rail system frame allows you to move any dock section or accessory anywhere along the edge of the dock. The Infinity Track system allows for unlimited configurations. Best of all – you need NO TOOLS to do it


Infinity RS4 

image of ShoreMaster RS4 frame

ShoreMaster RS4 frame

Versatile Design.   Endless Configurations.

 Standing configurations only

 The RS4 dock frame sizes include:

4’ x 4’     4’ x 10’      4’ x 12’     6’ x 8’     45 degree      90 degree     and 3’ corners


The ShoreMaster Infinity RS4 is highly configurable and durable. The Rail system frame is ideally suited for a firm or soft lake bottom. The 4” frame easily handles shallow to moderate water depths and waves.

The Infinity Track System allows accessories to be moved ANYWHERE along its perimeter. NO TOOLS REQUIRED. Don’t forget – these frames are also combinable with the RS4 Curved sections for more configurations.


Floating FTS9 

image of FTS9 Floating Dock

FTS9 Floating Dock

Premium Flotation.  Superior Stability.

Floating dock

The FTS9 aluminum dock frame sizes include:

2’ x 4’     4’ x 4’     4’ x 8’     4’ x 16’      6’ x 8’
6’ x 16’     and 3’ corners

ShoreMaster  Floating FTS9 is the perfect choice for muddy, fluctuating, or deep water conditions.

No more having to adjust the dock height during low or high water situations. Using a premium dock flotation and a sturdy truss frame, we create an incredibly stable floating dock system. It looks great and requires minimal maintenance.

The Infinity Track System allows accessories to be moved ANYWHERE along its perimeter. NO TOOLS REQUIRED



image of PolyDock


Premium Flotation.  Superior Stability.


Floating PolyDock  sizes include:

4′ x 6′      3′ x 10′      4′ x 10′      5′ x 10′
6′ x 8′      4′ Corner Wedge

PolyDock modular floating dock systems are perfect for a wide range of applications from residential to marinas.  PolyDock is the ideal choice for shallow, muddy, deep, or fluctuating water conditions.

image of ShorePort


Enjoy your dock and your waterfront without additional maintenance.

PolyDock products help you get out and enjoy your time on the water. They feature:

  • Low-maintenance floating docks;
  • Personal watercraft lifts ShorePort,  and
  • Accessories designed to add value to your lake home, cabin, or cottage.

PolyDock is an excellent choice for nearly any residential dock application on a lake or river.  Its modular design is made to last.  Plus, it’s easy to add on as your needs change.



PolyDock is simple to install and includes easy to follow, intuitive instructions.  Whether you install PolyDock yourself or have PWS do it for you, you’ll be enjoying your new PolyDock system in no time.

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