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7325 State - Highway 57,  Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
Hours:  Mon–Fri:  8am-4pm
Saturday: By appointment • Sunday: Closed



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How to get rid of Seagulls

Seagulls leaving a mess on your pier? Seagulls are looking for a place to rest at the same time as your dock is being installed. Once they get into the habit of eating or sleeping on your dock, getting rid of them is very difficult. Are seagulls leaving the...

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Best Hydraulic Boat Lift for Green Bay

What is the BEST hydraulic boat lift for Green Bay & Lake Michigan? Want the BEST hydraulic boat lift for Green Bay waters? Look no further than the latest addition to Pier & Waterfront Solutions premier lines. PWS now features Sunstream SunLift™...

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Best Dock Selection | Door County

The best dock selection in Door County Pier & Waterfront Solutions customers have access to the best dock selection, more dock styles and more materials than any other Door County dealer. Most dealers offer only aluminum docks or a few lightweight steel dock. Some...

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NEW Small Barge

Small barge for PWS A small Barge is the latest piece of equipment in the Pier & Waterfront Solutions list of tools. No, this is not the same piece of equipment announced last week.  What's 12' x 40'? Our new small barge! Powered by dual 225 HP engines, the small...

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New Barge for Sturgeon Bay Dealer

A NEW Barge Announcement at PWS Before we get into the new barge discussion, it seems like a long winter despite it being a mild winter. The virus only added to the winter confinement & misery. The early disappearance of the ice on Green Bay has lifted our...

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Is a Floating Dock in your future?

Is a Floating Dock in your future? Not all floating dock systems are created equal. Some are better than others.  For many waterfronts, a floating dock system is a perfect fit. ShoreMaster PolyDock systems float on the water and remain stable in waves up to two feet....

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Boat Lift Common Mistakes 

Boat Lift Common Mistakes    No one wants to see this.   Imagine losing your boat even before getting it out on the water. Embarrassing - to say the least.    To keep you and your boat safe, Pier & Waterfront Solutions has some tips to avoid boat...

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PWC Lift Winch Extension Kit & More

                            PWC Lift Winch Extension Kits and more   Wish you had an easy way to move the Personal Watercraft (PWC) winch closer to your dock height? Is it difficult to kneel on the dock to reach down to get to the winch wheel?  There is a...

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 Ramps vs. Gangways

Ramps vs. Gangways A frequently asked question is - what is the difference between ramps vs. gangways?   When choosing between ramps vs. gangways, first, think about what your neighbors are using. Remember, your dock will most likely sit at the same height! ...

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Low ice cover effect on erosion

Low ice covers effect on erosion A lack of ice cover this year could lead to increased shoreline erosion, according to experts. An analysis of Great Lakes ice coverage shows a decline of about 5% since the 1970s.  In the last 20 years, 14 of those years had ice...

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Gray Dock Decking – Absolutely Stunning

Gray Dock Decking - Absolutely Stunning Docks Decorators across the country have embraced gray as the hottest color for your home. Throw pillows, wall colors, furniture, and more now use gray as the primary color. Thanks to ShoreMaster & Pier & Waterfront...

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Top Signs You Need a New Dock Time for a new Dock?  Piers and docks that are more than ten years old may show some signs of wear or damage. Without proper maintenance, your dock system may not look or perform properly. Remember, it is possible to repair minor damage...

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The work you did last year was awesome!    

 .... As we look forward to 2021, I would like to request that we have our pier installed by May 27th.  Right before Memorial Day weekend.  As you know, this is a summer house and it is only open for about four months for the entire family to use. The work you did...

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Prevent and get rid of algae on your dock

How to Get Rid of Algae on Your Dock An Algae free dock or pier is vital for a beautiful waterfront, not to mention safer for you and your family.  Piers are a great place to entertain your guests. Did you ever notice your guests soon find their way down to the pier?...

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FREE Online Power Boating Classes This is a reprint of an article published by ShoreMaster Marketing   Do you have a New Boater or Need a Refresher Course?  Do you have a young boater in your family that’s ready to get started on the water? Are you looking for a...

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Why are Welded Boat Lift Frames better?

Why are Welded Boat Lift Frames Superior?       Welded boat lift frames are superior to the typical bolt-together structures found so frequently. There are several reasons for this.      Most of them center around the reduced maintenance, superior strength, and...

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Boat Lift Styles    In Wisconsin waters, there are (5) different boat lift styles generally used. The (5) styles include: Cantilever, Vertical,  Hydraulic,  Floating, and  Elevator boat lifts.  Different conditions require different boat lifts.                       ...

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History of Pier & Waterfront Solutions

PIER & WATERFRONT SOLUTIONS As 2020 comes to an end, we'd like to summarize the history of Pier & Waterfront Solutions. Dave Kalista and Jerry Englebert started in 2015. Like all new business owners, they were willing to put their futures on the line.  The...

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Does High Water require the 3-Season Pier?

Does High Water require the 3-Season Pier?   High water continued again in 2020 and many people looked for a stronger, more durable pier for 2021.  After 2 years of design improvements, the  3-Season Pier was introduced in 2020. It was a hit and sold out...

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How to flush a PWC engine

How to Flush a PWC engine. After a day of use, all personal watercraft (PWC) should be flushed, especially if used in silty or sandy areas. Flushing debris from the engine cooling system and exhaust will help prevent internal corrosion and keep those critical cooling...

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Should Floating Piers be removed in winter? Winter can be brutal in Wisconsin. It's already knocking on the door. What should you do with your floating dock in winter? Will I lose my investment? Should I remove it or leave it in place? Will it get damaged if I leave...

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Hydraulic Boat Lift – UPDATED

         Hydraulic Boat Lifts - Updated Hydraulic boat lifts have shown improvements in getting rid of the complexity of a standard cable lift. Today's hydraulic lifts do not require a pendant to cycle. Push the button on your wireless remote, and the unit will do the...

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How to Remove Mold/Mildew

How to Remove Mold/Mildew From Vinyl Despite your best efforts, you may notice mold/mildew forming on your vinyl seats in Fall. For a boat to look its best, the seats require regular cleaning and maintenance.  With any boat, you have opportunities to enjoy the waters...

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Newest Member of our Sales Team

Meet the Newest Member of our Sales Team Pier & Waterfront Solution's sales and service team extends a welcome to Eric DeBaker. Born and raised in Southern Door County, Eric currently resides in Appleton. He lives with his wife and 15-year-old son. A graduate of...

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Does Shoreline Stabilization (Rip-Rap) Work?

Does Shoreline Stabilization Work? Creating shoreline stabilization sounds pretty easy to do. Just throw some big rocks on the shore. Right!?  But when you leave your shoreline, do you really think it will do the job you intended it to do?  In reality, it is labor and...

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