The best dock selection in Door County

Pier & Waterfront Solutions customers have access to the best dock selection, more dock styles and more materials than any other Door County dealer.

Most dealers offer only aluminum docks or a few lightweight steel dock. Some even offer one or two brands. 

 Aluminum is popular because it is lightweight and easier to handle.

Who has the best aluminum dock in Door County? 

Pier & waterfront Solutions offers (6) ShoreMaster aluminum constructions – in roll-in, stationary, and floating docks.

Now that’s a some dock selection!

Here is a comparison of the aluminum constructions offered: 

RS 4 – 

4″ side rails. 10′ sections, seven types of decking, aluminum or steel legs. Ideal for calm waters on an inland lake or sheltered area.

RS 4 Curved – 

The RS4 Curved dock sections are built the same as the same rigorous specs as the RS 4 shown above. Why is this different?  The availability of 45- degree and 90-degree curved sections. These curved sections allow for many configurations that no one else offers. (Hint – You can use curved sections with the ANY ShoreMaster dock frame to genuinely make your dock unique.


7″ side rails. 8′ and 16′ sections, with seven types of decking, aluminum or steel legs. Ideal for the rough waters in an open area.


9″ Truss side frames. 8′ and 16′ sections, seven types of decking, aluminum or steel legs. Ideal for the rough waters in most open areas.

FTS9 – 

The FTS9 has the identical construction of the TS9 in all respects. The frames have floats attached and are ideal for soft muddy bottoms. 

Poly Dock
Poly Dock is a modular dock design made of rotationally molded polyethylene. There are NO unsightly black floats used. 

It’s a floating dock system that can withstand up to 2′ waves, making it ideal for inland lakes or rivers with muddy bottoms and large water fluctuations.

Over the years, PWS provided hundreds of ShoreMaster aluminum docks, but it is not always the best solution for all shorelines.


What other dock selection is available?

With the high water and intense storms we have experienced in recent years, PWS now offers the exclusive

3-Season Pier


                             3-Season Pier

The 3-Season steel pier is built to demanding specifications for strength and durability.

3-Season piers have withstood just about everything Mother Nature can throw at it. No Wisconsin manufacturer builds a heavier frame section. It weighs over a quarter ton without the oversized steel legs. 

PWS recommends flow-through decking for the 3-Season pier. Flow-through decking relieves any upward pressure caused by a storm’s high waves.

PWS installs everything we sell.

Now you know why Pier & Waterfront Solutions is so popular.

We offer everything you need for your dock or lift. Contact us TODAY!


Where can I find Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

Pier & Waterfront Solutions, 7325 St. Hwy 57, is located 3 miles south of Sturgeon Bay. Go 1 mile PAST the intersection with County MM (heading north). Look on the right at the next corner – Idlewild Road and Hwy 57.


PWS is

Pier & Waterfront Solutions remains “open” year-round.

The Covid-19 virus continues to spread and affects many people. We are conducting as much business as possible by email, text, or phone. 

Site visits continue as usual. When making in-person contacts, we follow “social distancing” guidelines when possible.


PWS display yard – OPEN 24-7

Red Tag

PWS‘s display area is always open for you to examine at your leisure. All displays available for sale have a numbered, red tag on them. Want more information on something you saw in our yard? Please reference that number when you inquire.

PWS provides estimates by email to make the process faster, safer, and paperless.


Call, message, or email Jerry with any questions.

Jerry Englebert

Contact  Jerry at 920-493-4404 for more information or use this link.

* Combine the RS4 Curved sections with this frame for a unique design.