Why are Welded Boat Lift Frames Superior? 

   Welds on Vertical Lift Frames

     Welded boat lift frames are superior to the typical bolt-together structures found so frequently. There are several reasons for this. 

    Most of them center around the reduced maintenance, superior strength, and durability of welded lifts and canopy frames.

    You spent good money when you bought the boat lift or canopy. Shouldn’t you get the best one available?  

     Why would you want to spend a weekend checking and tightening the nuts and bolts on your boat lift or canopy? We’re pretty sure you don’t. 

   In that case, why not purchase a high-quality boat lift or canopy, which has most of its critical components welded together.

    ShoreMaster welded boat lift frames and canopies leave you free to enjoy your time away. Why waste any time tightening nuts and bolts. Your time is too valuable.

    Quality starts with state-of-the-art welding.

Welded Frames = Less Maintenance

    ShoreMaster welded boat lifts save you time because they require less maintenance and give you more strength.

Welded Boat Lift Frames Stay True and Square 

     Bolt-together boat lifts eventually become loose due to everyday use and prolonged periods of heavy waves striking the frame. Corrosion of the hardware only accelerates this process. 

    If you neglect to tighten a loose bolt on your boat lift, other parts of the boat lift such as the cables, pulleys, winch, or other components can wear prematurely. 

    A loose bolt will result in the frame shifting, which may result in a costly repair. 

   Loose bolts make it extremely difficult for you to discover the source of the failure.

How do you know when you have loose bolts?

    A simple test is to push on one corner of the bat lift. If there is excessive movement in the frames, in particular forward and backward, you have one of two situations:

  1.  One of more bolts are loose; or
  2.  The lift is not sitting firmly on the bottom.

What about a canopy frame?

    A welded boat lift canopy frame can save you hours in assembly time. Using just five bolts for a welded frame vs. dozens of nuts and bolts makes sense. A welded canopy frame adds more strength and rigidity to the entire boat lift also.

     When it comes to assembling a boat lift, or canopy, you’ll be glad that you choose a welded product over a bolt together product. 

    Also, welded products take less time to assemble than a bolt together product. 

    Consider for a moment just one person can complete the assembly of a ShoreMaster canopy frame in as little as 30 minutes because the canopy frame includes only four all-welded components; two canopy ends and two canopy sides. Other manufacturers have dozens of parts that need bolting together.

    ShoreMaster welded boat lifts do not require replacing frame parts caused by unusual wear due to loose, missing, or corroded welds. A bolt-together frame cannot say the same thing. ShoreMaster adds thick reinforcing plates on the frame structure when using bolts structure.

A Welded Boat Lift Offers Higher Resale Value

     Because welds are permanent and require no maintenance, you will find that your welded-together boat lifts are more valuable at resale time. Welds will not rust or corrode like hardware. Potential buyers will be wary of the impending costs to replace worn out or corroded hardware.

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