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Do you have a New Boater or Need a Refresher Course?

 Do you have a young boater in your family that’s ready to get started on the water? Are you looking for a refresher course to keep your own skills fresh?  The BoatUS Foundation can help you with boating courses.

BoatUS Foundation is an organization that strives to keep waterways as safe and clean as possible. They do this through education and support for partner organizations. 

 Among their offerings for residential boaters are boating safety classes. This is the only organization that offers free courses tailored for each state.

Are Power Boating rules different for each state?

Each state’s course will look a little different. The estimated course time, nature of the lessons and tests, education requirements, and certificate info will differ between states because of the laws and regulations. Yet, each of the courses has been recognized and approved by NASBLA, the U.S. Coast Guard, and each state’s boating license agency. Which means you’ll get the exact training you need for your water.

Are the classes accessible from the internet?

The courses are very accessible. The lessons, quizzes, and exams are all online, which means you can take them anywhere. 

 Complete the class at your own pace to help you stay on the right course for your next season of safe boating.
BoatUS Foundations website has all the information you need to know about your state’s boating safety course. This includes questions and answers about each class found on the FAQ page.
At Pier & Waterfront Solutions, we want to make sure that your time on the water is as memorable as possible.  Plus, we want to keep it memorable for all the right reasons. We encourage safe boating and shoreline habits. 

Have a safe and enjoyable boating season!


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