Does High Water require the 3-Season Pier?

                         High water over the dock


High water continued again in 2020 and many people looked for a stronger, more durable pier for 2021. 

After 2 years of design improvements, the  3-Season Pier was introduced in 2020. It was a hit and sold out quickly. 


Looking for a new pier?

In the early part of the 2020 boating season, the number of washed-out docks increased substantially. Storms raged throughout the boating season.

There are many brands of docks on the “Bay”. Every brand was represented in the list of docks & piers damaged or destroyed this year. That is, except the 3-season pier.  It also withstood the Lake Michigan turbulent waters.

                                 High water and debris


During 2020, many people saw floating debris during and after the storms.  The debris moved along the shoreline. In some cases, uprooted trees and logs were responsible for taking out docks and lifts.  The debris continued to move long distances before it finally settled on the shore again.   


Now, we don’t represent that a 3-Season Pier will completely stop damage like that. But there is a much better chance of a 1/4 ton pier (per section) with 2″ galvanized steel legs (2-3/8″ O.D.) withstanding the force of the waves.  Compare that to the 1-1/2″ leg (1-7/8″ O.D.) used on lesser, lighter docks.

Why did high water prompt a new design?

Over the years, PWS realized that having strong steel legs was not enough for the current situation. We watched helplessly as the waves lifted the dock sections. When the dock section came down, they seldom came down evenly or level. 

As waves battered the bottom of the pier, it twisted the dock frames and caused the legs to bend sideways as the dock comes down.

Once the legs bent, the entire structure was subject to rolling over. There had to be a way to reduce the pressure on the docks.

We quickly realized that solid decking was our worst enemy. With solid decking bolted to the frames, the full force of the waves had to be absorbed by the dock.

After research, we found that a deck that allows the water to flow through the decking was the best possible answer. We quickly introduced the ShoreMaster Glacier™ flow-through, open decking on our aluminum piers.  

    Sunwalk Decking

High water requires Sunwalk Decking™

When the galvanized steel, 3-Season Pier, was introduced, it included Sunwalk decking. After securing the decking to the frames with stainless steel screws, the 45% open area allowed most of the energy of the water to flow through the deck harmlessly. 

Combining the 1/4 ton weight per 20′ section with a 45% open decking, and you have a winning combination.

Higher Water needed Longer Ramps too!

However, we did not stop there.  We also realized that the piers had to be set high to reduce the number of times the waves could hit the decking. This created a problem. The short ramps going to the pier were too steep for people to comfortably walk up.

We designed a 20′ long ramp, thus making a gentle approach to the pier. The shore end includes built-in leg pockets to raise the ramp off the beach. These added legs allow any waves that get to the end to pass harmlessly under the frames.

When should I start looking for a new pier?

Now is an excellent time to research the features of the 3-Season pier and place a preseason order. It’ll be ready when you are in Spring. Don’t forget, we can take trades, too.

The exclusive 3-Season Pier is available only at Pier & Waterfront Solutions.  


PWS has the best solution for your 2021 dock.

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