Top Signs You Need a New Dock

Time for a new Dock?  Piers and docks that are more than ten years old may show some signs of wear or damage. Without proper maintenance, your dock system may not look or perform properly. Remember, it is possible to repair minor damage at a reasonable cost.

New Dock Needed

Be sure to contact Pier & Waterfront Solutions for an inspection if you have damage and you aren’t sure what repairs to make.

If your dock is getting dangerous, unsteady, replacement may be the only option. 

Here are the five signs that you should think about when investing in a brand new pier.

Widespread Rust

Some metals exposed to water will rust. Small amounts of rust can be an easy fix. If possible, replace or repair an individual part before it gets out of control. 

Larger rust areas could spread, which can lead to structural failure in the future. In cases like these, a completely new pier might be necessary. 

Aluminum docks made of durable, rustproof metal are more resistant to rust than others. Aluminum is an option when considering upgrading or replacing a failing wood dock.

Wood Rot

Wooden docks can rot when the water has been allowed to seep in. Moss, mildew, algae, and other growth can trap moisture in a wood dock, worsening the problem. You can solve or prevent this problem by keeping your pier clean and well maintained. 

If the damage involves minor areas, replace the components with new, treated lumber. But, when several locations are rotting, it’s time to replace your dock. 

Consider replacing a wooden dock with different materials. Those materials include aluminum painted to look like wood. These are some of the premium ShoreMaster decking options.

Cracking or Warping Dock Supports

Certain support materials can become cracked or warped thanks to pressure from waves.

Accidents can also happen. If a boat or a large floating object hits the pier, cracks may appear on the legs or structural components. PWS can make the repairs.

But, stay safe, replace the entire structure when significant damage occurs. If the damage involves the legs or critical structural components, it may be time to replace the whole section or structure. 

Tip: Prevent damage from boat collisions – install bumpers on the perimeter of your pier.

Damaged Foundation

Permanent docks sit on posts that support the pier. Assessing the damage below the waterline is difficult. Repairing it requires specialized equipment. PWS can help. 

Pier foundations are subject to shifts causing severe damage. Any cracking is a sign that further investigation and possibly replacement is necessary. 

Contact Pier & Waterfront Solutions for an inspection.

Can’t Secure the legs Properly?

Permanent dock systems have supports to hold them up. Supports are driven into the ground until it hits a stable area for stability. In some cases, depths reached can be as much as 100 feet.

A floating pier might be a good option if you do not encounter large waves. The advantage of a floating dock is that it compensates for changing water levels as they occur. 

In some cases, a floating dock can remain in the water throughout the winter months IF there is no ice movement. The pier may be released from its shore anchor points in small harbors, moved into deeper water, and tied off. The pier is allowed to float with any minor ice movement, but it stays secured until spring.

Custom Boat Docking Systems by PWS. 

If it’s time to replace or upgrade your boat docking system, PWS can help. 

PWS has helped many shoreline owners find their perfect dock and boat lift solution. 

Need a repair, a completely new pier or boat lift system, or the ideal accessory? PWS‘s customer support team can help.

Contact Pier & Waterfront Solutions for more information. We know what works best for your area.

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