Does Shoreline Stabilization Work?

Creating shoreline stabilization sounds pretty easy to do. Just throw some big rocks on the shore. Right!?  But when you leave your shoreline, do you really think it will do the job you intended it to do? 

In reality, it is labor and equipment intensive and requires special equipment and permits. 

What do I have to gain by stabilization of my shoreline?

You have a lot to gain from shoreline stabilization. Waterfront property is always more expensive in comparison to a property with no waterfront. Therefore by installing erosion control (in this case, riprap), you are protecting your investment. If the shoreline is washed away or damaged, your property values diminish along with it.

Shoreline Stabilization required

Shoreline erosion can happen from numerous conditions. The typical way is from waves crashing into the shoreline. As this happens, the waves begin to undermine the foundation of the beachfront. When the shoreline is not stable, you’ll lose your lawn, trees, shrubs, and your waterfront. When a bank is unstable, it’s not safe. 

There are different ways to “shore” up a beach. The two most common ways to stabilize your shoreline – riprap (limestone or granite) and steel sheet piling.

The riprap method consists of using 8″ – 30″ stones to cover the shoreline’s exposed areas. Adding riprap allows the waves to lose their energy as they pass over and into the rocks. 

NOW for the proof!

Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Have you ever watched riprap in action?

Thanks to one of our many customers, we have a short video that demonstrates how riprap works.  Press below –


Notice how the waves start to climb the riprap, but they dissipate in the rocks’ openings. Once the water drops below the riprap’s outer surface, it is further dispersed by more rocks under the surface.

In a major storm, some waves go so high that the spray from the waves will break over the top, as shown near the end of the video.

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