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Announcing ……….

A basketball hoop and a slide are some of the latest additions to the ShoreMaster line of accessories.

Take the game off the court and put it in the water with a Basketball Hoop from ShoreMaster!  Imagine the summer fun your family will enjoy.



Basketball hoop details

image of Dockside basketball hoop

Dockside Basketball Hoop

The backboard measures 44″ x 30″ for easy bank shots. Like most ShoreMaster dock accessories the Dockside Basketball hoop utilizes the Infinity Track accessory system. You can easily attach and reattach it anywhere along the perimeter of the dock system. For more information on the Infinity track system, see this article.

The basketball hoop includes a 5′ post which mounts easily to the side of the dock. (Non-ShoreMaster docks may require an adaptor plate.) 

Featuring an 18″ diameter rim, with waterproof nylon net, this basketball hoop is sure to provide seasons of fun.

Your family will have one more attraction this summer to keep them occupied. There is no reason to get bored this year.


image of Dock Mounted Slide

Dock Mounted Slide


Another accessory is the Dock Mounted Slide shown here. This accessory will be a great addition to your dock.  The slide can also be a freestanding unit in the water.*  See our display area for more information.

Call for details and pricing.


image of Free Standing slide

Free Standing slide

*Note: Be sure the water depth is sufficient for the slide. We also recommend not going down head first. Small children should use a life preserver as an added safety measure.






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