It’s been a fast-moving six months since our last article about PWS

Dave Kalista and Jerry Englebert started in 2015. Like all new business owners, they were willing to put their futures on the line. 

The first “office” consisted of a tiny room that was so small that you had to walk sideways to get to the table. It was the size of a closet in a new home.


All-Terrain Forklift

PWS tested an ATF that buried itself in the soft shoreline at Sugar Creek Park. It became clear that the machine would not work.


                                        ATF for dock install


PWS bought the 1st All-Terrain Forklift and modified it to handle the conditions they would encounter.

While Jerry made sales, installs were done by hand or by using the All-Terrain Forklift. Dave operated the ATF along with Alex, our first employee. Alex is with us today and has his own crew.


PWS expanded

Pier & Waterfront Solutions moved out of the “closet” and into an office on Hwy 57 (our current location). 

Today, manufacturing, a welding operation, and an assembly area occupy the warehouse. We still have room for a limited amount of equipment storage.

2016-2021 saw more ATF’s, crews, and trailers added – five ATF’s to be exact. 

Meanwhile, the one-room office has grown into three offices. These offices accommodate the office staff of six required to handle the growing business.



During late 2018 the Great Lakes and Green Bay experienced record water depths. The resulting damages included the loss of many shorelines. Trees and up to 50 feet of lawn washed away at some locations.

PWS responded by expanding its rip-rap business. PWS remains the only dock and boat lift company on the Door County peninsula to do so. 



                                        Enlarged 36′ x 45″ Barge


As the rip-rap business grew, we introduced a 24′ x 45′ barge and pusher boat. PWS needed the barge to protect the customer’s landscaping from damage. 

In 2021, PWS added another section to the barge, making it a 36″ x 45′ barge. It continues to service both sides of the peninsula from Milwaukee to the tip of Door County.


Why such a large barge? 

The barge allows PWS to transport excavators, track-mounted skid steers, and tons of boulders to the work sites from the waterside. 

There is no damage to the landscaping.

It’s more economical for the homeowner, in most cases, and gives us access to areas that aren’t accessible by land.




                                                      3-Season Pier


PWS developed a line of galvanized steel docks. The new docks use the best materials available today. Most steel docks are too light to handle the storms in open areas. Other models lacked the open-deck design of the 3-Season Pier.

After two years of testing, PWS introduced the 3-Season Pier. As a heavier, more robust steel pier, it is unmatched on Lake Michigan. 

One of the features of the 3-Season Pier is a 25% larger platform. That’s more room for entertaining. Plus, it’s not a “special order.” “Special Order” is just another way of saying – more expensive.

The 3-Season Pier is available in 4′, 5′, and the prestigious 6′ width. The 3-Season Pier handles the high water and the strong storms you experience today. 

The strength and dependability are evident when you look for a dock that will be around for a long time.


What was next?

The rapidly expanding business required more innovation to keep up with demand. In 2021, PWS added another barge. This time, equipped with a movable crane. 

                                                 Barge w/ crane for dock removal

The “Small” barge (12′ x 45′) contains an articulating crane with a 60′ reach. The “small barge” eliminates the need for shore access by heavy equipment. The new crane also means reduced damage to a homeowner’s landscaping.

As Door County continues to build, land access for our equipment is diminishing. In the past, empty lots served as access to the shorelines. Today those lots are fully developed with manicured lawns and huge homes. In some areas, water access is the only available route.


What has happened to the Dock market in Door County?

The unexpected closure of an old dock business in Door County resulted in an influx of new customers. PWS is already planning its next moves to handle a large number of new customers. We plan to have everything ready for Spring 2022.


How will you find out about these changes?

The best way is to come back here each week and follow these posts on our website.



PWS already had the strongest aluminum dock as part of the ShoreMaster line. Now PWS has the strongest galvanized steel dock.

Call Jerry today. (920-493-4404) or email him at jerry@wisconsinpws.com or use this request form.

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Where is Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

Located at 7325 St. Hwy 57, it’s 3 miles south of Sturgeon Bay and 1 mile past the intersection of County MM (heading north). Look on the right side, one mile north, at the next corner (Idlewild Road and Hwy 57).



Pier & Waterfront Solutions never closed. We have implemented measures to ensure the safety of our employees and visitors. We are working to maintain the trusted service that you have come to expect.


PWS implemented precautionary measures:

1. Conducting as much business as possible by email, text, or phone.

2. Site visits continue. When in-person contacts are necessary, we will follow “social distancing” guidelines.

3. Our display yard is always open for you to examine at your leisure. All displays have a numbered, red tag on them. If you want more information or pricing, please reference that number.


What can YOU do to help us? 

1. Please conduct as much business as possible via emails, messaging, and emails. This step protects everyone involved.

2. When you see our crews installing equipment, please practice “social distancing.”

Thank you for allowing us to work with you.


YESPWS is OPEN and waiting for you! 

Please call, message, or email PWS with any questions.

Let’s all stay safe!