Today we have a request for YOUR assistance.

As you may know, we have written several articles about the Glacier Flow Thru and Sun Walk decking used on the ShoreMaster docks and PWS‘s own 3-Season Pier, respectively. (We use two deck brands due to the different widths of the docks.)

image of Glacier Decking by ShoreMaster - Tan

Open Decking by ShoreMaster

Each time we write an article about decking, we try to write a better description of what open decking is all about. 

Like the old saying goes-

“A picture is worth a thousand words,

But a video is worth a whole lot more.”

(OK, we expanded on that old saying)

We can’t predict when and where the next big storm will hit. When and where will the waves be breaking through the decking? What does it look like when the wave is so high it actually tries to lift the decking (and the dock if you have planks instead of open decking) but ends up being dispersed as it goes through the decking instead?

Why does the 3-Season Pier stands up so well to storms?  We can try to describe it in words all day long but a photo or video is much more effective.

An actual demonstration of open decking doing it’s thing is important to new customers and people considering re-decking their existing dock. They want proof that their dock stands a much better chance of weathering the storm?


Have you taken photos or videos of a dock in a storm?

During a severe storm, many people take photos or videos to show friends and neighbors what happened. Maybe you saw a dock floating into a boat lift or waves crashing through the decking. Perhaps a loose boat hit a dock, and you got the video.

We want to publish those pictures and videos. If you have these or are willing to take photos or videos (safely, of course), we ask you to email them to us.  Time permitting – we’ll try to email the article to you before it’s published.

Email them to:

In the past, we received and used a great video of the wave itself being destroyed by rip-rap placed on the shoreline. The waves actually melt away harmlessly.  The real demonstration starts at :30 seconds.


We want your images of a storm trying to destroy a dock.

We prefer no audio at all.

If you want credit for the videos or pictures, just let us know. With your permission, we will include your first name and the first letter of your last name, along with a general location like this – “credits: John B., Sister Bay.” We’ll post them on YouTube also.  Be the first to get published.  Our readers include countries other than the U.S.


Finally – a THANK YOU!!

We would like to acknowledge the notes and testimonials we have received over the years. Our crews work hard to do the job right the first time.  They sometimes fail, but we always take care of our customers if it happens. We always bring your notes to their attention when you mention their name.

We post these notes in the Customer Testimonial section – word for word, as written – on our website.

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Pier & Waterfront Solutions has remained “open.” We have implemented measures to ensure the safety of our employees and visitors. At the same time, we are working to maintain the trusted service that you have come to expect.


PWS implemented these precautionary measures:

1. Conducting as much business as possible by email, text, or phone.
2. Site visits will continue. When in-person contacts are necessary, we will follow “social distancing” guidelines.
3. Our display yard is always open for you to examine at your leisure. All displays have a numbered, red tag on them. If you want more information or pricing, please reference that number.


What can YOU do to help us? 

1. Please conduct as much business as possible via emails, messaging, and emails. This step protects everyone involved.
2. When you see our crews installing equipment, please practice “social distancing.”

Thank you for allowing us to work with you.

So – YESPWS is  OPEN and waiting for you? 

Please call, message, or email PWS with any questions.

Let’s all stay safe!