May – Water Safety Month


Water Safety Month is here. With the start of Summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about FUN IN THE SUN!  You’ve been waiting for it – Now ENJOY IT!!

You want all your family and friends to be safe, and you would never allow an injury to occur. Let your family enjoy the entire Summer on the water! Here are some helpful tips to keep you in the sun all Summer long!


For Safety – Always wear a life jacket!

Whether you’re on a boat or a personal watercraft, always wear a personal flotation device for personal safety. Young children should always wear life jackets anytime they are in or on the water. A life jacket is the first line of defense against drownings. 

They will insist that they can swim so they don’t need one. Can you ensure there will be no leg cramps or a head injury? Either of these would render them unable to “swim like the fish they think they are”? Don’t give in! YOU are the ADULT. Make them wear a floatation device for their safety.

Ensure that the life jacket fits snugly but comfortably. Make sure it cannot slip above the chin or ears when tugged on at the shoulders. Life jackets must be worn correctly to keep them safe.

Do you really want to find out what it’s like to lose a child, a friend, or a grandchild? Be the adult and insist they wear a life jacket.


Pay Attention to the Weather

Summer weather can change. Severe weather can crop up quickly and escalate even faster. For everyones safety, pay attention to weather forecasts and the skies. Don’t get caught on a lake when the weather goes from sunny to stormy.


Always wear sunscreen! 

Today, we are all aware of the danger we incur when the sun is out. The reflection off the water and wet skin amplify the sun’s intensity. Protect yourself from harmful UV rays.


Drinking and Boating Don’t Mix.

A cool beverage can be refreshing on a hot Summer day but don’t drink and drive a boat. Consuming alcohol impairs your judgment. It slows your reflexes, making it harder for you to steer, swim and assist those around you. If you want to have a cool beverage, do it from the safety of the shoreline.


                May-Water Safety Month

In Wisconsin, you will get a traffic citation for operating a boat while under the influence. Even using a PWC under the influence will get you a ticket.

Speaking of a PWC – everyone loves to race a boat or another PWC. It is easy to lose control and get thrown off the PWC. Maintain at least 100 feet from a dock and between any water vessel and 200 feet of the shoreline.

Read this state approved handbook – page 26 for additional regulations.  A citation for operating in an unsafe manner will spoil your day.

A general rule of thumb is – if the state law does not allow you to drive a vehicle in that manner – it’s probably illegal on the water too.


For safety – Keep Your Speed Down and Pay Attention

The lakes and waterways can get very busy in the Summer months. Watch out for other boats, swimmers, tubers, and skiers. Maintain a safe speed and always practice defensive driving. Not sure what the other guy is going to do? – stay clear!

Keep an eye out for boats and swimmers in distress.


Use the Buddy System for Safety

Bring a buddy with you – it’s more fun and safer! Even experienced swimmers can get into a dangerous situation and need help. 

Make National Water Safety Month an excellent experience for everyone.


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