“Small Barge”

In a March 30, 2021 article, PWS announced the latest addition to our dock & boat lift install equipment. Namely – our “small barge.” We now have a much clearer picture to show you.
The “Small Barge” measures 12′ x 40′, so it’s not so small after all. Powered by (2) – 225 HP motors it requires a semi to transport it.

Where has it been since that article?


                                                                    “Small Barge”

It’s been undergoing retrofitting and adjustments until we were ready to launch it.
In this picture, you see the barge supported on the four downriggers. The downriggers suspend the barge above the water to weather storms and stabilize the barge during installations. With the entire barge suspended in the air we are able to handle everything nature can throw at us.



What does the addition of the “Small Barge” mean for you?

It may be showing up on your waterfront. No, this is not meant to just haul rock or boulders like our other barge.
The “small barge” installs and removes docks and lifts only. Remember, many times its difficult to get our ATF’s down on the beach to do installations. Even if we do get to some of these locations, we could sustain damage to the undercarriage. That’s a costly situation.
The “small barge” has a 60-foot knuckle boom (shown here with only 3 of the lengths opened). There are four more lengths yet to be extended. This allows us to reach your equipment on the shores without the use of our ATF’s.
We can raise your boat lift or dock and swing around to install it where its needed.
In Fall, we return your equipment to the shore without damaging the lawn. Water soaked lawns are no longer a problem.

Another unique feature

Notice that the knuckle boom will move forward and backwards on a “track” in the middle of the barge. The entire boom can move about 30′ forward for extra reach. Combined with a very shallow draft its an innovative and faster way to install on Green Bay.
PWS always is looking for ways to complete the installs faster each year. By becoming more efficient we can service more people.
The recent closure of Port-A-Pier makes it even more important than ever to find ways to handle the extra workload.
You can depend on Pier & Waterfront Solutions to continue to innovate to handle your needs.


One Final Update

Not to be left behind, PWS has also completed the expansion of our large Barge.  The addition of the middle section means we now have a 36′ wide x 45′ Barge.  That’s a 33% increase in the overall size and capacity.


                                                        Enlarged 36′ x 45″ Barge

Where can I find Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

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PWS is 

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Site visits continue as usual. When making in-person contacts, we follow “social distancing” guidelines when possible.


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