This 32 step checklist for your boat will start your boating season off right.

Do you have spring fever? Are you itching to get your boat or jet skis back in the water? It’s been a L-O-N-G winter.  Now it’s time to de-winterize your boat before taking it out for its first trip of the season.

Following a spring checklist, like the one below, can help prevent a host of problems. Skipping them could keep you out of the water later in the season. 

We all know how fast storms come up on Green Bay. Don’t get caught unprepared. Make sure the boating season goes smoothly and safely.



  1. Is your boat registered? 
  2. Be sure to empty the old fuel and add fresh fuel.
  3. Are the fuel shut-off valves on the tank and at the engine working?
  4. Is your blower switch (if any)working?
  5. Recharge your battery and fill with distilled water, if needed.
  6. Secure the batteries in ventilated containers that are non-corrosive and liquid-tight. 
  7. Fit non-conductive covers over the posts.
  8. Is the lower-case leak-free?
  9. Check the electrical system, including fuses, spark plugs, and wires.
  10. Inspect the propeller for damage.
  11. Is there any damage to the hull (blisters and cracks)?
  12. Flush the water tank.
  13. Replace any oil filters and lubricate all parts.
  14. Are all lines checked?
  15. Check the hydraulic steering system for leaks and fluid levels.
  16. Inspect the steering and throttle cables.
  17. Are all fire extinguishers charged?
  18. Is everyone familiar with how to operate them? Make sure that at least one can be reached from the helm or cockpit.
  19. Are life vests checked for wear, abrasions, weak or torn seams, secure straps, and buckles? 
  20. Inspect the bilge pump, if any, for cleanliness and absence of obstructions. Check this frequently throughout the season.
  21.  Check the engine compartment for excess water. 
  22. Are the lights on your boat operational?
  23. Check the electrical cables and connections for loose, disconnected, or corroded conductors.
  24.  Have you taken a boating safety course?


  1. If you are towing your trailer to its launch point, you will also need to inspect it before your first outing. In particular, are the lights working properly?
  2. Be sure to tell someone responsible where you’re going.


  1. Is the drain plug in place? You’d be amazed how often this happens. 
  2. Follow all safe launching practices.
  3. Watch for kids in your path.
  4. Ventilate the bilge for several minutes before starting the engine.
  5. Watch the engine temperature and cooling system.
  6. Make sure everyone follows safe boating practices.

Now you’ve done the work – It’s time to enjoy the benefits!

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