Aluminum Decking – Your Guide to Decking options 

Aluminum decking may be the best choice for dock decking. It requires no maintenance.  Aluminum does not rot, decay, warp, or twist.  It only needs cleaning as you see fit.

This article is the 2nd of a 3 part series discussing the decking available from ShoreMaster.

Part 1 covered the various types of Wood Decking available. Section 3 includes the latest plastic and composite deckings available.

Aluminum Decking

Aluminum can be powder coated with several different patterns and colors.

What are the other advantages of aluminum?

Here’s a list of aluminum advantages:

  • Aluminum remains cool in sunlight;
  • Lightweight decking;
  • It comes in several different colors and patterns;
  • Virtually maintenance free and durable; Plus
  • It will not rust, twist or warp over the life of the dock.

Compare Aluminum to Other Decking Materials

Aluminum remains lighter weight than wood, composite, or plastic decking. This weight makes it easier to remove the decking for seasonal storage.

Among all the choices for decking, aluminum remains one of the best.  It will not rot or decay.   With powder coating, aluminum provides the best finish durability vs. other decking choices.  

What are some of the colors available in aluminum?

ShoreMaster Aluminum Decking Color Choices



Anodized aluminum decking – a worry free, maintenance free way to deck your dock.

Anodized decking is used on dock systems for access to the water for work as opposed to recreation.

All ShoreMaster aluminum panels have treads to provide you with a safe, slip-resistant surface.   Aluminum remains comfortable even in the heat.

What colors and patterns are available for aluminum?


White Painted Aluminum

image of Aluminum Decking by ShoreMaster - White

Aluminum Decking by ShoreMaster – White

ShoreMaster’s white painted aluminum decking has been the standard for many years.   It adds years of worry free, maintenance free enjoyment to your lake experience.

You’ll never have to worry about applying stain or finish to keep it looking great. Occasional rinsing off is the only thing needed to keep it looking new.

Powder coated in brilliant white, you’ll get a clean, modern looking surface. Plus, it stays cool to the touch even on warm summer days. Heat dissipates faster from aluminum decking than from wood.

Aluminum deck panels have treads to provide you a safe, slip-resistant surface.

Tan Painted Aluminum

image of Aluminum Decking by ShoreMaster - Tan

Aluminum Decking by ShoreMaster – Tan


ShoreMaster’s tan painted aluminum decking has replaced white as the most popular aluminum color.

Aluminum decking provides a maintenance-free deck which makes lake living carefree.  Powder coated in natural tan, it gives you an attractive surface to compliment your waterfront property.

Tan aluminum decking stays cool to the touch.  You can enjoy every summer day on your dock – without burning your feet.




Next – NEW – Woodgrain Painted Aluminum 

 Natural Woodgrain Decking

Natural wood traditionalists now have something to cheer.

You no longer have to give up the benefits of aluminum to enjoy the natural look of wood.   Consider upgrading your wood decking choice to ShoreMaster’s NEW Wood Grain Aluminum Decking.

image of Gray Oak Woodgrain Aluminum Decking by ShoreMaster

Gray Oak Woodgrain Aluminum Decking by ShoreMaster


For traditionalists, the wood look is a must. ShoreMaster has aluminum panels in several wood patterns and colors. Get the best of both worlds with the NEW wood-grained aluminum panels.

Aluminum can be powder coated in a natural, realistic wood grain pattern.  You get all the benefits of aluminum with the look of natural wood.  Plus, you’ll have none of the work of wood.

  image of Aluminum Decking by ShoreMaster- Natural Woodgrain

Aluminum Decking by ShoreMaster- Natural Woodgrain


ShoreMaster leads the industry with a choice of eight different decking options.  It’s a great way to update your existing dock too.

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