A bench is a real must-have for any dock

A bench provides true enjoyment to your dock.  Remember those warm early evening or morning views you enjoy so much? What better way to enjoy the view than to sit on a bench at the end of the dock with your favorite beverage.

If you neglected to get one with your dock now is the time to do it.

Are there different types of benches?

Yes, there are two different ways to mount the bench as well as different styles from which to choose.

image of ShoreMaster On-Deck Bench

ShoreMaster On-Deck Bench

It consists of an aluminum frame and planks for the seats and backrest.  See the image to the right.

Wood planks are also available but not recommended due to the maintenance required on the wood.

The armrests and cup holders are optional.

The disadvantage of this type of bench is the fact that it takes up deck surface area. It is mounted on an “L” section along the side or end of the dock.  As a result, this cuts down on the walking area of the dock.  If people like to lay out on the “L” section, it can get a little more crowded.

Is there a different bench mounting available?

Yes, another mounting type is the off-deck version.  With this type of mounting it takes up no deck space.  The legs are secured to the outside of the dock frame.  The seat does not take up valuable space on the dock.

image of ShoireMaster Off-Deck Bench

ShoreMaster Off-Deck Bench

The bench comes with or without the armrest and cup holders.  You can mount the armrests later if desired.

Does the bench come in different colors?

The most popular style is the plastic plank. It comes in Tan or Neutral Gray to match the decking. Alternatively, it can provide a contrasting finish.

Once again, the armrests can be added later if desired.

The seat and back are very easy to clean and will not stain.  The plastic seat is comfortable to sit on. See the off-deck image above.

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