Dock install season usually starts around April 1 each year.  We have a limited number of days available to complete the work with an April 1 start date.

Even then, we can only install selective sites due to ice conditions, but at least we can get a start.  This year was abnormally cold, and the ice would not loosen its grip.  Even the inland lakes remained frozen.  The ice only allowed less than a handful of installs between the April 1st and the 17th.

However, that is just the beginning. To add to the problem, the saturated ground caused by the rapidly melting snow AND almost daily nighttime rain is making the situation worse. The wet ground means our machines cannot enter many properties without significant damage.  Our crews have had to walk away from jobs due to standing water until it dries out.

We encountered numerous ice shoves which have to melt away also.

On April 17th we had to stop the installs completely.  An unusually late blizzard hit the Door  County Peninsula with 30” of new snow and freezing temperatures.  These conditions kept the ice in place until the end of April.

The dock install business has resumed as of April 30th. 

All crews are working six days a week to try to make up for lost time. Our new machine is also operational.  We are actively recruiting employees, but the economy is very hot in the area.  Unemployment is at record lows which makes recruitment very difficult.

We ask for patience as we try to work through a tough year.  Everyone is in the same predicament.

Where can you find Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

We are located in the center of the Door County Peninsula at 7325 St. Hwy 42/57. That’s 1 mile North of County MM (Hwy 42) and 3 miles South of Sturgeon Bay. Look for the Idlewild Road intersection.

Our staff is always ready to serve your needs year round.

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