10 Best Boat Docking tips

Docking a boat or putting it into a boat lift is not the favorite activity for any boater.  Until you feel confident about what you are doing, it can be down-right terrifying.  It was so easy to go out. – why can’t it be just as simple to come back in? 

Follow the best boat docking tips shown here and it will make it easier for any boater.
  1. Always put safety first. Check the surrounding area before approaching a dock. Kids love to swim under the dock to greet you.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT – How fast are you going? Are the waves pushing you too fast? Are you willing to hit the dock or boat lift at that speed?
  3. Remember – Slow speeds will always give you more time to correct your course. Slower speeds also cause less damage. On the flip side, it is harder to control the boat at slower speeds.

        Follow the next steps for greater control:

  1.  Always turn the wheel BEFORE applying any power – not during or after. This is very important for a single-engine boat.
    Note – Twin inboards? Keep your hands off the wheel with twin inboards. If you do turn the wheel, the boat may take an unexpected path when you try to use the engines.
  2. Apply short bursts instead of steady power to the engine. You won’t build up a lot of momentum, and you will have better control of the boat. Speed and momentum are the opposite of control.
  3. Always stay under power. Without power, you can not control the direction of the boat. Keep the engine on so you can maneuver as necessary.
  4. Secure all ropes and make sure they are not wrapped around anyone’s hands or feet.
  5. Always communicate with passengers as you approach the dock. Managing your crew or guests before and during docking is important to make docking safer.
  6. Always reduce your windage in heavy winds. Particularly in a small boat.
  7. Don’t worry about stopping and doing it over again. If you see a problem, it’s better to reverse the motor than hit something. On your next pass, it may be better – come back for another try.
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