Access to a dock is important to anyone wanting to use a boat. Boating is something both young and old enjoy. Many memories have been created on a boat or a dock. However, those moments are not as easy for some people to enjoy.

What about those who are not physically able to get to the dock or access the boat?  It may be someone with an injury to a leg. It may be an older adult.  People may have a fear of falling on the shore or getting into a boat.

For some people, access to a boat is an exhausting experience. Still, they want to enjoy the experience and want to be with their family.

What can you do to help them access your boat?

How about starting at the shore end with a longer dock ramp?  Why?  With the increasingly high waters the last few years you probably find that the standard ramp is now very steep.  Your dock has to be installed higher to adjust to these high waters, But you probably have standard 8, 10 or 12-foot ramps.  Up until now, these ramps have worked very well.  Those ramps, combined with the increased dock heights, have resulted in a steeper angle to walk up. It may be almost impossible for the elderly to access your dock without assistance.

What if a 10′ ramp is still too steep?

Pier & Waterfront Solutions has the solution for you!  After all, it’s part of our name!

What if your guests could safely walk over the rocks & the hot sand in comfort?

The first question is –  Would you like a longer ramp to reduce the angle?  Next, do you have an aluminum dock or a galvanized dock? 

Residential gangways may be the answer for you.  Residential gangways are available in 16, 20, and 24-foot lengths. The angle would be much lower and it will put your gangway much further up the shoreline to protect your dock in storms.

In most cases, we can even match your existing decking on the residential gangways.

Gangways provide easy access to a dock


What about Commercial aluminum gangways?

Need a longer length?  Commercial gangways are available in lengths up to 60′ long.  Included handrails give you for even more safety. Remember, commercial gangways come with aluminum decking only. Give PWS a call to get things rolling for Spring 2020.

What about galvanized docks?

PWS recently designed a 20′ galvanized dock ramp that will be available in the spring of 2020. The 20′ galvanized ramp will make your access to the dock much easier.

No more walking over the hot sand or worse yet, the uncertainties of stepping onto the rocks. Is this the year someone will twist their ankle? A twisted ankle (or broken leg or arm) can ruin the summer for months. Crutches get old very fast!

No matter how high your dock is, you will have a gentle walk to the dock height with a gangway.  Forget about picking up the sand from the beach and depositing it on the dock. You’ll be walking over it.

 What other solutions does PWS offer for your dock and boat lift?

Handrails for dock access safety

Dock Handrails

Dock handrails can be added to your existing dock. Put them on one or both sides of your dock for extra security for the elderly and children. They come in various lengths and mount on all of the Shoremaster Infinity dock systems.

Don’t have a ShoreMaster dock? We can custom make them fit the dimensions you need.  We’re all about Solutions!

Boat Loading Handrails

image of Boat Loading Handrails

Boat Loading Handrails

Boat loading handrails make it easy and safer to access your boat.from a dock. They give stability for the entire family. Have an elderly parent or friend who could use the extra support and confidence to access the boat?  These handrails are a great way to provide a safe experience for them.

Where is PWS?

PWS is located in the center of Door County at 7325 St Hwy 57. That’s 1 mile North of County MM (Hwy 42) and about 5 miles south of Sturgeon Bay. Look for the intersection of Idlewild Road.  

Call Jerry at 920-493-4404 or Email for more information.