How to Select BoatLifts – Part 2          

Boatlifts come in several configurations.  In part 1 of this 2 part series, we discussed vertical and cantilever lifts.  What about boatlifts for larger boats? 

Next, we’ll discuss Elevator and Hydraulic boatlifts.

  Elevator Lift

The elevator boatlift can only be mounted on permanent piers.  These piers usually consist of a concrete pier (or concrete capped, boulder pier) or as an alternate a pier mounted on permanent pilings.  As shown below, the elevator lift raises the boat parallel to the pier for easy access to the boat.  They are commonly used in channels and lakes with significant fluctuations in water depth.

image of a Elevator lift

Elevator BoatLifts

The elevator lift is powered by one or two synchronized A.C. electric motors depending on the unit size.  There is no need to hand-crank this lift.  A wireless remote control is used to raise or lower the boat.

Elevator boatlifts are capable of stopping anywhere along its vertical travel so it makes it simple to load and unload a boat.  This boatlift makes the boat readily accessible for covering with a boat cover and loading.

 Hydraulic BoatLift          

In general, Hydraulic boatlifts will travel 4’, 5′ or 6’ vertically depending on the model ordered. They will handle loads up to 32,000 lbs.

Because the base is wider than a typical cantilever or vertical boat lift, you have more stability in storms. 

The Hydraulic lift is one of the best for high waves and water surges.  The D.C. operated units are quiet and use solar-powered batteries and wireless remote controls. No A.C. power required.

image of ShoreMaster Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic BoatLifts by ShoreMaster

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