Ice Shoves have stalled the Spring Install Season 

Ice shoves have stalled the Spring Install season.

Mother Nature has proven to be a real challenge in 2018.  PWS was able to complete a few installs when winter returned with a vengeance!

Instead of a beautiful Wisconsin Spring as we had the last couple of years, the Door County peninsula got 10″ of wet, heavy snow. These events were followed by temperatures near freezing and even MORE snow!

Instead of this:

image of Relaxing on the dock

Relaxing on the dock

We see this:

image of 2018 Ice Shove - Sun & Surf

2018 Ice Shove on Sun & Surf


 In 2016 we saw a few ice shoves like this:  

image of ice shove

Spring 2016 Ice Shove

Then, in 2017 we saw this:

image of door county ice shove - 2017

Spring – 2017 Ice Shove








TODAY – we see the SAME boat house with an even bigger ice shove.  

image of 2018 Arrowhead Beach - Crushing a boathouse

2018 Arrowhead Beach – Crushing a boathouse

It did not fare well as you can see. 

image of crushed boathouse on Arrowhead Beach

2018 Crushed boathouse on Arrowhead Beach


The ice has heavily damaged this home even though there was a seawall and more than 100 feet between the house and shoreline. We won’t even talk about the trees and seawall damage occurring all along this stretch.

image of Ice shove lifting a deck and crushing a house

Ice shove lifting a deck and crushing a house


Ice shoves, caused by strong winds, are damaging sea walls and landscaping, That is not to mention, the docks and lift equipment stored on shore.  The ice shoves are happening up and down the peninsula.  See our previous article if you are not familiar with this phenomena.

What to expect in 2018

IF and WHEN the weather improves, the forecast for this year is to have up to an additional 10″ of water depth.  There is still lots of snow in Northern Wisconsin and more coming.  The snow will eventually melt and the Spring rains will come.  (If we even have a Spring)

As of this publication date, the inland lakes and Bay of Green Bay are locked in ice.  More near zero temperatures and heavy snow are in the forecast. 

Is PWS ready?

Our trucks, trailers and All Terrain Forklifts are ready to go.  Even our crews are getting anxious to start.  They have a lot of work to do and not much time to do it.  Even with additional crews and overtime, it is a real challenge this year.

Everybody is waiting for the ice to go out and stay out.  Some areas open up in the morning.  Then, later in the day the wind shifts and the ice comes back in the same location.

Bear with us and we will keep you informed in future posts.

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