Infinity Dock Series- Don’t be afraid of Change – It’s Fun!

Everyone likes a little change in their life.  When driving from point A to point B, don’t be afraid to change your route.  Take a different road to see some different scenery.  Stop by a landmark on the side of the road to learn something new.  Stop at a roadside stand and get fresh vegetables OR change your dock layout with the Infinity Dock Series from ShoreMaster.  It’s fun!!


A straight dock is simple and functional – but it can be boring also.  Use your imagination.Why should your dock be any different?  When you have the RS 4 Infinity Series you don’t need to be afraid of change.  It is named “Infinity Series” because of the infinite number of configurations you can have and the flexibility it provides.  Your only limitation is what you can dream up. It’s all possible with the Infinity Series from ShoreMaster.  Use your imagination.2

When you own a lake home, friends and family LOVE to come to visit. If given the opportunity, people will congregate on the dock because it is a focal point of your place.


                       NEW JET SKI?

3.Purchased a new Jet Ski or boat?  Maybe its time to change your dock configuration to accommodate the new equipment. With the RS 4 Infinity series from ShoreMaster you can purchase some 45° and 90° angled dock sections and completely redesign the layout.


                              LOW WATER?

Water low this year?   Change the configuration again and move the extra sections to the end of the dock to get the extra length you need.

Last one


The 45° and 90° angles really make the dock look sharp with their rounded corners.  These are not pricey “custom made” sections that cost a fortune to own – they are standard pieces – and they’re waiting for you to configure them the way you want.

The platform at the end acts as a great relaxation area. The dock furniture makes you feel like you’re sitting out on water. You can have vertical dock bumpers at the end for when friends want to come over to visit.


The RS 4 dock will provide you with the flexibility to add-on as needed. You are not limited to one configuration. By redesigning the layout, you truly can come up with many different designs to suit your needs and varying lake conditions each summer. Start simple, and then over the course of several seasons you can add-on piece by piece. The RS 4 dock gives you the flexibility to do that.

 If you get the itch, it’s fun knowing that you are only limited by your own creativity.  CREATE AWAY!!

NoteAll of the RS 4 docks shown here are year-to-year changes of the SAME dock.

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