Remove the Jet Ski Lift from the water

Jet ski lifts need to be removed from the water for the winter in Northern climates to prevent major damage.

Dock-mounted lifts that rotate over the dock should be stored over the dock and secured in case of storms. The Jet ski itself should NEVER be stored on the lift for the winter.  Ice accumulations can severely damage the lift.  Non-rotating or free standing lifts need to be removed from the water


Jet Ski Lifts- simple yearly Maintenance 

Jet ski lifts require simple winterizing maintenance at the end of the boating season in order to prolong it’s life.

ShoreMaster Cantilever Jet Ski Lift

ShoreMaster Cantilever Jet Ski Lift

Here are some things you should do:

  1. Inspect the jet ski lift at the end of the season for worn parts, frayed cables (extremely important), loose bolts, etc
  2. For electric powered jet ski lifts, remove the motor and store it inside of a building or relieve the tension on the bungee cords, if so equipped.
  3. If the water will be freezing during the winter, move the lift to dry land
  4. Check bearings for noise and proper operation
  5. Make sure there is no vegetation or sand in the rack frames
  6. Check all pulleys and other wearable parts for damage. On older models, with plastic pulleys, rotate the pulleys by hand to insure none of the pulley edges are broken.  In general, these must be replaced.
  7. Ensure that the lift moves freely up & down without binding or straining.  A general rule when lowering the rack is to maintain downward pressure on the rack.
  8. For electric jet ski lifts, remove the motor and store it out of the weather or, at a minimum, relieve the tension on the bungee cords, if so equipped.
  9. All cables should have a quick spray of penetrating oil applied to them,  including on the cable wrapped around the winch drum.  However, DO NOT APPLY any oil inside the winch mechanism itself.
  10. Is it time to replace the carpet on the lift bunks or should you consider replacing them with maintenance-free vinyl bunks?


When should I consider these adjustments

Fall or early Spring is a good time to order replacement parts for your jet ski lift.  Call or email Pier & Waterfront Solutions for replacement parts. When spring arrives the lift manufacturers have very busy shipping schedules and parts can take longer to get.

Be ready for summer fun.

image of jet ski

Enjoy the summer on your jet ski


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