Jet Ski Lifts 

 Jet Ski Lifts, in several different styles, are suitable for use in the waters of Door County. Each one has distinct applications depending on the body of water you use it on.
In this first of a 3 part series, we will discuss Vertical Jet Ski lifts.  Part 2 will discuss the Jet Ski Docks and finally, Part 3 will discuss the permanent pier style Jet Ski Lifts.
image of Vertical Lift in Action

Vertical Lift in Action

image of ShoreMaster Vertical PWC Lift

ShoreMaster Vertical PWC Lift


The most popular Jet Ski lift on the Bay of Green Bay – 

ShoreMaster’s Vertical PWC Lift


 ShoreMaster’s Vertical Jet Ski lifts feature:

  1.  1200# lifting capacity (capable of handling the new 3 seaters);
  2.  50″ lifting height;
  3. Welded side frames with braces (not bolted);
  4. Stainless steel lift cables; (not galvanized)
  5. Brass and Stainless Steel pulleys (not plastic); and
  6. All aluminum construction
It requires only 6″ of water plus the draft of your PWC to operate. The standard lift comes equipped with a hand crank winch.

What options are available for the Vertical Jet Ski Lifts?

  • A solar-powered lift motor is available for complete ease of operation. A simple touch of the button will raise or lower your equipment without effort.
  • An extended winch post can be added to raise the winch up to your dock height.  The extension means you don’t have to bend down below the dock to crank the winch.
  • Stainless steel PWC Loading platforms to make it easy to access your PWC and super easy to clean or service your unit.
  • A choice of carpeted bunks, or better yet, the maintenance free vinyl clad bunks. You’ll never have torn carpeting again.
image of Vinyl Boat Bunks

Vinyl Boat Bunks

image of Jet Ski Lift Platform

Jet Ski Lift Platforms

image of 24 V Solar Panel arrangement

24 V Solar Panel arrangement

 It’s the best vertical lift available. Used up & down the Bay of Green Bay – it’s the standard for PWC lifts.

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