July 4 th is something we all look forward to each year. There are fireworks, family reunions, and making new friends.

image of Children with flag

Making a new friend on July 4 th

This year we especially look forward to the four day weekend it brings with it. If Mother Nature cooperates with us, it should be a great weekend.

July 4 th Door County Happenings 

Check this article out for a list of July 4 th activities.

However, let’s not forget what July 4th also brings with it. Generally, the boat traffic is substantial all through the weekend. There will be lots of water skiing and boating going on. Not to mention the parties.  

Safety Tips

Some safety tips that we must all be aware of are:

image of Boat Safety Rule #3- Don't get a visit from him

Boat Safety Rule #3- Don’t get a visit from him

1. Choose a designated driver. It’s not just for cars. The DNR and law enforcement will be out in force trying to protect you.

2. Don’t allow anyone under the influence to swim alone.

3. Be especially mindful of kids. That means your kids or grandkids and also the neighbors. Kids know no boundaries.

4. Fireworks on boats are a real danger. You have fuel and many flammable items on a boat. Besides, people are in close proximity even a pontoon boat. Leave the fireworks to the professionals.

5. The weather to date has been colder than average, and many of the trees are way behind. Did you know, if you are in an area where there are poplar trees, and you see those fuzzy white balls floating in the air and clinging to your lawn, they present danger around camp-fires and fireworks?

How can something so lightweight and harmless be a danger? The author was at campground years back with the ground covered by the fuzz. Someone threw a firecracker on the ground, and the resulting flash instantly caused a fire that moved incredibly fast. Everyone at the campground had to fight the fast-moving flames. It swept rapidly in every direction.

6. Did you know that, in general, the same rules apply when operating a boat as operating a vehicle? You can receive a citation for following too closely, racing a boat or jet ski too closely, driving under the influence, making dangerous maneuvers, not having the proper life preservers (just like a seatbelt), and more.


We could go on and on but if you want more information about safety, consider reading this article.   Here are some more 4th of July tips.

We frequently stress safety because it only takes a snap of your fingers for an accident to happen. We don’t want your weekend (or life) ruined by one wrong decision.

Have a safe
and enjoyable July 4th holiday

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