Lift Boss Motor – Your best solution to hand cranking a boat lift 


Lift Boss motors take the work out of raising your boat.  

A push of the button is all it takes to raise or lower your boat. You will have confidence that it can handle the situation every time.  Regardless of the weight of the boat, it’s a simple solution for a hard job. 

Install a Lift Boss Motor and solve your problem.

You’ll find that a Lift Boss is a real problem solver. The ease of quiet operation will make you wonder why you didn’t do this before. In fact, people say they will never go back to a hand crank unit again after they install the Lift Boss.

image of 24 V Solar Panel arrangement

24 V Solar Panel arrangement

How is the Motor Powered?

The motors are available in 12 V or 24 V D.C. and 120 Volt A.C. versions. 

The D.C. powered unit uses solar energy to raise and lower your boat from a battery. The sun keeps the battery charged and ready to go as you need.



What if the power fails?

The Lift Boss comes complete with an attachment that allows you to operate the motor in a power emergency.  You’re never without a simple solution.

How do you operate it?

If you can use a garage door remote, you can handle the Lift Boss.  While the wireless remotes are small, the motors operate smoothly, quietly and efficiently – even on large boats.

How is it installed?

Remove the hand wheel from the winch box and replace it with the Lift Boss. Watch this video for more information on a typical installation:


Remember – Pier & Waterfront Solutions is available to install any lift motor for you.

Be ready for the upcoming boating season!

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