Thank you! It is so terrific to have the pier in before Memorial Day.  I feel like we are gaining 2 more months to our summer, almost twice the length of use from the past few years! [with a competitor]

Thanks to you and your crew.

Larry S.

Management…. The installers were very nice and did exactly what I asked…..Thanks for the nice installation.  Great Crew you had out there!

Ed G, Door County

We appreciate the adjustment made in the pier positioning.  We know this as an extra effort but it looks nicer.  Please pass along to the crew our thanks

Craig R, Door County

Just a note of thank you for getting this done so quickly.  Alex and crew did a very good job with the installation.  Weather was perfect.  Please put us down for fall removal.

Dan H, Door County

A big thanks to your crew for understanding and being so careful with the placement of the pier!  The pier was placed in the water perfectly for this years conditions.  Thank you.



Mary M. Door County

Hello. Yes, please install our pier again this spring. You guys did a great job last year!

Scott & Chris M, Door County

Jerry,  Thank you for a fantastic job.  We really appreciated your pre planning process (measuring old deck and where all items were to go …)

Please feel free to use our recommendation with future customers.

Bob & Doris L. Door County



Thanks so much and to David also- for your prompt response and excellent install of our pier.  It all worked out better than I expected.  Thanks again.
Have anyone call if they need a reference


Joan P. Ellison Bay Door County



Thank you for the excellent service, your early installation, your recommendation for repairs and it is less expensive than other years.  Much Appreciated



Alice S. Sturgeon Bay Door County


Thank you very much.  Your crew did a fantastic job, very impressed with your service. I look forward to having your service help us in the spring


Lisa G. Sturgeon Bay Door County

Thanks very much for taking care of our dock.  I was in Sister Bay this weekend and was extremely pleased with your handling of this project.  Great Work

Betsy R. Sister Bay Door County


We couldn’t be more pleased with your service, Thank you so much



Catherine P. Fish Creek Door County



Your crew did a great job – Thanks  Your water machine is great also.


Kathie N. Sister Bay Door County

Dear Jerry, Thank you for getting the pier in.

Janey Door County

Hi Jerry,

I am very happy with the good service this year. Thanks

Alice S. Sturgeon Bay, Door County


A wife and (4) daughters thank you for taking care of our dock


Beverly R. Ellison Bay, Door County

Dear Jerry ~

Thank you for the wonderful job!

Greg & Ann – Door County, WI