Pier Mounted Lifts (Part 3)

Vertical Jet Ski Lifts and Dock Platforms were discussed in Part 1 and 2 of this series. In this final segment, we examine permanent pier mounted lifts and track systems.

You will see both types of PWC Lifts used in select locations and situations In Door County,

Three of these pier mounted lifts operate in a similar manner with slight variations. These units go by names like Swinger, Tide Tamer, and Davitmaster.


Each pier mounted lift model requires a rigid, mounting on a solid, permanent pier. Steel pipes may be embedded in rock, or to concrete-capped bases, to secure the piers.

The cantilevered PWC weight generates leverage and thus requires a large mass to mount the lift. Without this type of massive base, the dock will suffer structural damage.

image of DavitMaster PWC Lift

DavitMaster Pier Mounted Lift

iamge of Tide Tamer PWC Lift on a Permanent Pier

Tide Tamer Pier Mounted Lift

These pier mounted lifts have two advantages. First, the PWC usually rotates over the dock itself for storage, repairs or covering. Secondly, the lifting height will be limited by the workable drum diameter of the winch.

What are track systems?

The final type of Jet Ski system is the track system similar to the Roll-n-Go shown here. 

image of Roll n go PWC ramp

Roll n go track system

A series of covered rollers and a winch are used to pull the PWC to the shoreline. A cart may be used on the track when the weight of the unit exceeds 2000#.

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