PWC Jet Ski Lift – Part 2

A PWC Lift is used to protect your Jet ski or PWC  from the elements.

In Part 1 of this series we discussed cantilevered and Vertical Lifts.  In part 2, we examine two additional PWC lift options for protecting your jet ski.

The Vertical Jet Ski Lift is by far the most popular means of protecting your jet ski.  It is especially useful on the Bay of Green Bay because it is the best option for rough water applications.  The ability to raise your jet ski up to 50” high is vital whenever you encounter large waves.

However, what about calm water like a river or small inland lake?  There is another option available for these situations.

 ShorePort  PWC lift by ShoreMaster.

The ShorePort is not your traditional “lift” in the sense that it is a drive on PWC lift.  There are No cables, No winches, No moving parts and No motors needed.  You simply drive on the unit.

image of ShorePort PWC Lift

ShorePort PWC Lift by ShoreMaster

The ShorePort has a walkway on both sides for easy maintenance and access. ShorePorts are used wherever there is little wave action or where there is significant fluctuation in water depth.  The ShorePort PWC lift can fluctuate an unlimited amount because it floats with the water level.  Rising water levels in a river after a rainstorm presents no problem for the ShorePort.

Even kids can handle this one.  If they can drive a Jet Ski, they can handle the ShorePort PWC Lift.

Is there another type of PWC lift available?

If you have a permanent pier or a concrete pier you could use a “Swinger” or “Tide Tamer” lift.  The lift must be mounted to the side of a permanent structure.  They raise the jet ski vertically. 

iamge of Tide Tamer PWC Lift on a Permanent Pier

Swinger Pier Mounted Lift

The unique feature about this lift is that you have the ability to “swing” the entire jet ski over the top of the pier for storage, refueling or maintenance with little effort.  Thus the name.

image of DavitMaster PWC Lift

Swinger PWC Jet Ski Lift

This style of lift cannot be attached to any portable pier or dock.

Basic models come with a winch only, but most people will add a motor for ease of operation.  

Single and Double units are available also.

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