PWC Jet Ski Lift  Part 1

PWC Jet Ski lift units are more popular than ever. What does PWC stand for – Personal Water Craft. In this article, we discuss two different types of lifts available to protect your investment.

Summer is fast approaching.  We begin to think about boating, our docks, and jet skis.  The question arises – what is the right PWC (Jet Ski) lift for me?  That depends on where you are.

The ShoreMaster PWC Jet Ski lift is available in (2) freestanding models:

  • Cantilever; and
  • Vertical

Cantilever Lifts

The PWC cantilever lift does not raise the PWC as high as a vertical lift (28″ vs. 50″). You should use caution with this style of PWC lift as a result.  They are ideal for small lakes and rivers that do not fluctuate in depth.

However, our recommendation is not to use this style of lift on the Bay of Green Bay due to its minimal lifting height.  Wave action over 12″ can wash the PWS off the lift.

image of ShoreMaster Cantilever Jet Ski Lift

ShoreMaster Cantilever PWC Jet Ski Lift

 Vertical PWC Jet Ski Lift

The PWC jet ski vertical lift allows you to get into shallow water (about 6″ depth) and raises your boat higher than the cantilever type.  The lift provides excellent protection for your PWC.

The ShoreMaster vertical PWC lift has a lifting capacity of 1,200# and a lifting height of 50”.  The 64” inside width handles even the large 3-seaters on the market today.

image of ShoreMaster Vertical PWC Lift

Vertical PWC Jet Ski Lift by ShoreMaster

The lift can be equipped with a winch tube extension to get the wheel above the dock. 

Go a step further and add a remote control motor.  This motor takes the place of the handwheel and offers complete ease of operation.  Push the button to raise your PWC. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t forget about the PWC walking platforms.  They give you complete access to one or both sides of the PWC.

image of Jet Ski Lift Platform

PWC Jet Ski Lift Platforms

Watch for PWC (Jet Ski) Lifts – Part 2 of this series next week.

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