What boat lifts are available for your use?  Part 1 of this series discussed the least common types of boat lifts used in Wisconsin waters.  Now let’s look at more common types of boat lifts available for your selection.

 Hydraulic Boat Lifts

image of Hydraulic Lift by ShoreMaster

Hydraulic Lift by ShoreMaster

Hydraulic boat lifts generally lift the highest of the available lifts. (up to 6’ high on some models).  The lifting height along with the wide stance of the base gives you excellent protection for your boat.  It is recommended for high waves and water surges during storms. 

Hydraulic boat lifts are D.C. operated units which are quiet and use solar-powered batteries and remote controls.




image of 12,000# Davit Master Elevator Lift

12,000# Davit Master Elevator Lift


Elevator Lifts are used with permanent pier installations (usually concrete piers or piling piers.)  The elevator lifts raise the boat sideways as shown to the right and below. They lift the boat above the pier height.  They are common in channels and lakes with large fluctuations in water depth and no ice movement in winter.



image of 12,000# DavitMaster Elevator Lift      12,000# DavitMaster Elevator Lift

    Davit Master Elevator Boat Lifts feature:     

  • All welded design for strength and durability;
  •  6061-T6 Marine Grade Aluminum or Hot-dipped galvanized steel construction; 
  • Heavy duty adjustable PVC pipe guides with insert reinforcement; 
  • Adjustable chock system; 
  • Stainless steel motors for added protection; 
  • Stainless steel cables with aluminum grooved cable winders
  •  Aluminum sheaves plus Stainless steel bolts with grease fittings; and  
  • A Comprehensive warranty.


Some models even allow pivot construction for winter storage.


Floating Rhino Lifts


Rhino Lifts were originally built to withstand the brutal marine environment of Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri where very deep water is common. This type of lift is now the preferred choice for boat owners who want the ultimate in strength, durability, and boat lift performance.

Each lift – expertly welded, and hot-dip galvanized also has the highest level of convenience and safety for the people who use it.

The Rhino Lift Floating Boat Lift allows you to raise and lower your lift with the push of a button.  You have the peace-of-mind gained from trusting the same equipment used by marinas, restaurants, and resorts across the United States and Canada.

The L-Arm Floating Boat Lift mounts between a U-shaped dock.

image of RhinoLift L-Arm Floating Lift

Rhino Lift L-Arm Floating Lift

image of RhinoLift Front Mount Floating Lift

Rhino Lift Front Mount Floating Lift 



Front Mount Rhino Boat Lifts require a dock at the front of the lift only. It has a walking platform on three sides for loading and unloading. The lift is only secured at the front of the lift.

These floating lifts cannot be exposed to high waves. As a result, they generally go into marinas or deep water environments. 


After reading Part 1 and 2 of this series, you have a better idea about the types of boat lifts generally used in Wisconsin.  In Part 3 we will talk about the most popular boat lift used in Door County. 

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