Stress – Even Boat Lifts experience it

Stress – Even boat lifts are under stress – this year more than ever before due to the high waters.  

Why? High water increases the stress on your cables.

We’ve previously informed you of the danger to boat lift cables during a storm.  If the waves hit the bottom of your boat it will momentarily lift the boat and then allow it to fall back on the rack.  What if the cables are weakened by rust and frays?  The “bouncing” effect can completely sever a cable into two pieces. 

The boat only lifts a fraction of an inch – right?!! 

How can that movement harm the cables?

Even though the boat only rises a fraction of an inch, the energy of the “falling” boat must be absorbed by the boat rack. The cables in each corner of the lift must, in turn, absorb the stress of a moving 3-5,000 pound boat.

Having said that, a weakened cable is in imminent danger of breaking. Think of an 80-100 lb jackhammer used to break up concrete. Even reinforced concrete can not withstand the movement of the bit hitting the concrete.

With a boat, you are talking about a potential 5,000 lb weight dropping on a rack compared to an 80-100 lb. weight.

Protect your cables!  It only takes a  minute or two to protect your cables from rust. It’s simple and easy to do.  A convenient link* is provided below so you can learn more about this. 

What are the defect warning signs?

There are warning signs of defects in your cables?  If your cables look like any of these, it’s time to replace them. Need more information?  Here’s an article that addresses this issue.

Always remember – it is possible to have broken strands inside your cable without any exterior signs of damage. This situation is especially true on stainless steel cables which do not rust.

What’s a quick way to reduce the stress on the cables?

At the beginning of the year, we place your boat lift in the requested location.  We adjust the height of the legs based on what the current water level is.

Unfortunately, the water has continued to rise this year and that may no longer be suitable for the conditions you have today.  Add to this the Seiche waves (pronounced “say-sh”) which are standing waves that form in a confined body of water.  The friction of the wind against the surface of the water causes wave action. 

As waves move towards the shoreline the water gets shallower and the moving waves rise higher. Standing waves, in general, can form in any type of semi-enclosed or enclosed body of water. When these rising waves hit the bottom of your boat the boat does what it is designed to do – it floats on the water.  

Your Lift rack may be too close

The lift rack could be too close to the water to protect your boat with the rising water.  As a result, you are not able to raise the boat high enough to keep it above the waves.  On the other hand, If the rack is set too high in the water, you may not be able to get your boat on the lift. It’s a delicate balance.  The variable is the changing depth of the water.

What can I do?

One way to raise the boat higher is to purchase longer legs and replace the standard lengths with new ones.

A less costly alternative is to simply move your lift closer to shore. It will be in shallower water and save you having to buy longer legs and the labor to install them.

If you keep the standard legs and don’t allow us to place the lift closer to the shore, you are inviting costly repairs or even replacements. 

In Conclusion

Get out there and take care of those cables. Check out the link below.  Then, consider moving the lift closer to shore.

* Wire Rope Lubrication link.

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