Pier Solutions explained – Part 3

What is Pier and Waterfront Solutions – Part 3

Pier Solutions – that’s an unusual name.  But then again, PWS is not your ordinary Pier & Boat Lift Company.

In previous articles, we looked at some of the work we have done to solve customer issues.  Today let’s look at still more problems PWS has solved for customers.

Is your embankment so steep it makes it unsafe to access the beach?

PWS solved that issue with a set of aluminum stairs. These come in 4’ and 6’ sections to adjust to changing conditions  Handrails are standard equipment for added security.

image of Aluminum Stairs

Aluminum Stairs


 PWS also will make wood stairs if you prefer.

image of Steps with Handrails

Steps with Handrails


A PWS pier solution to meet ADA regulations

With the passage of the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), more opportunities for peoples with disabilities opened up.  A simple fishing pier is a norm for most people.  However, that same pier presents many obstacles & dangers for someone in a wheelchair.

PWS was selected to provide an ADA compliant fishing pier for people with disabilities.  Built on a landfill with a man-made lake on top, the changes are apparent right from the shore end.

An access plate allows a wheelchair to roll out safely onto the pier.  Rails surround the entire pier. There is also a bumper around the edge to prevent a wheelchair from accidentally slipping off the pier.

Lowered fishing stations and bait rails are strategically placed on the patio area to allow a person in a wheelchair to fish comfortably.

The entire pier stays in the water year round.

image of Starting the Robl Fishing Pier

Starting the Robl Fishing Pier

image of Completed Robl Fishing Pier

Completed Robl Fishing Pier

image of Fishing Stations

Fishing Stations

You can count on a PWS pier solution!

Where is Pier & Waterfront Solutions?

PWS is located at 7325 St. Hwy 42/57. That’s 1 mile North of County MM (Hwy 42) and 3 miles South of Sturgeon Bay. Look for the Idlewild Road intersection.

Our staff is here year-round to assist you. Don’t forget – Give us a call If you want to see an issue discussed on our site.

Call Jerry at 920-493-4404 or Email Jerry@wisconsinpws.com with any questions.