Harpt Lake Public Boat Landing & ADA Pier

Harpt Lake Public Boat Landing & ADA Pier

PWS was selected to install a new ADA compliant pier and fishing station at the Harpt Lake Boat Landing in Manitowoc County.  The condition of the old Harpt Lake pier had deteriorated over the years. Due to safety concerns and new ADA regulations, it had to be replaced.

Image of (Before) Harpt Lake Boat Landing

Harpt Lake Public Landing (Before)

On Oct. 30, the installation of the new ADA compliant pier on Harpt Lake was completed by PWS. The new pier is now completely ADA accessible and allows  people with wheelchairs and handicaps to enjoy fishing and boating throughout the season.  The new pier has a safety rail, bench, curbs and fishing station.

(After) Harpt Lake Boat Landing

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