New HR/Finance Manager joins PWS

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Introducing ……….


Our new HR/Finance Manager


Lynn Bretl


Lynn has worked in the complex finance world for over 20 years with great success.

Now, as the PWS Human Resource and Finance Manager, Lynn is responsible for accounts payables & receivables, taxes and HR duties. Along with Keri, our Service Manager, Lynn, produces the final billing you see.

She creates spreadsheets and all the other duties that go with this increasingly diversified and complex business.

About 5 years ago, Lynn grew into the human resource sector. Lynn now handles our payrolls, government tax reports and works with several types of insurance.

When you have a question about your billing, Lynn helps explain those questions.

The wide variety of work appeals to her and keeps it exciting and challenging.

Lynn has only worked at Pier & Waterfront Solutions for a short time. Still, she has found a warm, caring, family atmosphere here.

Along with Keri, Lynn will help to resolve your billing questions should the need arise.

Contact Lynn at – or by phone at 920-493-4406.