Jet Ski Lifts (Part 2 – ShorePort Dock Platform)

ShorePort Dock Platform 

image of ShorePort Dock Platform

ShorePort Dock Platform

 In part 1 of this 3 part series, we discuss Vertical PWC lifts. In part 2 we discuss the ShorePort Dock Platforms. Finally, in Part 3 we discuss a third option specifically for permanent piers.

Each type of PWC lift or Dock Platform has a distinct use depending on the body of water its used on.  The ShorePort Dock Platform is the simplest, maintenance free option for rivers and lakes. It is ideal for bodies of water with minimal wave action.

What about a dock for use on the rivers or inland lakes?
Rivers and lakes are ideal locations for using the ShorePort PWC docks. What could be easier than driving directly onto the floating dock? You can stay dry when you step onto the floating platform.

The biggest Advantages include –

no wheels to turn – just drive right up onto the dock. So easy – Even the kids can do it!

image of ShoreMaster ShorePort PWC Dock

ShoreMaster ShorePort PWC Dock

1. 1,150# capacity (easily handling the new 3 seat PWC’s);
2. Easy on and off;
3. A walking platform included for easy access; and
4. No winches or motors required.
Watch this youtube video for more information


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