Hydraulic Boat Lift – UPDATED

         Hydraulic Boat Lifts – Updated

Hydraulic boat lifts have shown improvements in getting rid of the complexity of a standard cable lift. Today’s hydraulic lifts do not require a pendant to cycle. Push the button on your wireless remote, and the unit will do the rest. (like a garage door opener).

Hydraulic Boat Lift

Simplicity – New technology allows Hydraulic boat lifts to get rid of all the cables and pulley problems. There are no cables to jam or break. You can not wind or unwind too far in either direction. There is NO possibility of whiplash in the cables because there aren’t any.

The Hydraulic boat lift has a straightforward design. It does not rely on cables, pulleys, or screws to raise or lower your boat like other products.

Quiet Operation – Today’s Hydraulic technology operates without the old “rattle and clank” that many boat lift brands produce during operation. 

The simple “hum” of a hydraulic pump in operation is quiet and more pleasing than the mechanical rattle of a winch gear at work. 

Update – Using the latest technology, ShoreMaster now offers the Whisper Winch 2. This latest winch does not have any clanking sounds, and the cables wind smoothly and evenly.

Faster Speeds – Prior to hydraulic technology, boat lift owners only had two ways to power their lift:

  1. By hand or
  2. By attaching a motor to the lift winch

While the latter may have improved operational convenience, it didn’t improve the boat lift’s simplicity. Rarely would it produce speeds faster than a hydraulic boat lift provides. Hydraulic boat lifts are fast while remaining quiet and incredibly simple.

Hydraulic Boat Lift features

Lifting Heights – ShoreMaster – 48″ – 60″ lifting height

                                 Sunstream – 48″ – 72″ lifting height

Lifting Capacities – Up to 32,000# 

A Partial step

Some brands have come out with a Hydraulic boat lift that still utilizes cables & pulleys as a partial measure. While they solved one problem (quiet operation), they still use cables and pulleys. 

The ShoreMaster hydraulic boat lift is simple, quiet, fast, and uses NO cables or pulleys. 

These three words sum up everything that a hydraulic boat lift should be 

Simple, quiet, and fast.

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