That’s the question our sales team is asked all the time. We have the answer to this question – “It depends.”

Seriously though, that’s the truth – because it depends on so many factors. Your answer to these simple questions will help us to determine the cost of your pier:

  •  Where will it be located?
  • The type of lake bottom you have?
  • The size of the waves you encounter?

But, not to worry, our sales team knows the Door County peninsula.  Our sales team lives and work here. We know what to expect and we will guide you through the process.  We have customers on virtually every shoreline on the Door County peninsula. 

One of the first questions we ask is “where will it be installed?” This question starts the process by narrowing down the frame construction you need.

You may need a floating dock because the bottom is muddy and the area has no waves. Others need a massive, heavy frame to help hold it in place during a storm.


Have no idea what to expect?  Our list of customers is so extensive, we can look up other docks that we sold in your area.  Site visits are very important and we offer them FREE.

Door County is a unique area. There are areas where a wave of 5 inches is considered a big wave. Then, there are areas where 5-foot waves are the norm.

A floating dock will not work in areas with large waves. A stationary or wheel-in dock will not work in a deep, muddy situation.  Given these examples, it makes sense that one type of dock may not work in both areas. We have to ask questions to narrow our recommendations down.

To determine your cost we have to look at the three main components: Frame, Decking, and size of your structure.


Pier & Waterfront Solutions (PWS) offers EIGHT frame styles. That’s more choices than anyone else.

Frame choices include:

                                                               TS9 (Stationary or Wheel in)
                                                               RS7 (Stationary or wheel in)
                                                               RS4 (Stationary with Curved frames optional)
                                                               FTS9 (Floating)

                                                       Polydock (Floating)

                As a one-stop dealer, you’ll find a solution for all your dock & boat lift needs here.     


image of ShoreMaster TS9 dock system

ShoreMaster TS9 Dock


image of ShoreMaster RS 7 and RS4 curved dock with slide and jet ski lifts

                                            ShoreMaster RS7 and RS4 Curved Dock



image of ShoreMaster RS4 dock with RS4 Curved dock

RS4 dock & RS4 Curved dock by ShoreMaster





Polydock by ShoreMaster


Create your perfect waterfront experience with the most user-friendly pier on the Door County peninsula. ShoreMaster aluminum dock systems provide exceptional stability and versatile configuration options.


Infinity TS9 Dock Frame

Available in Standing or Wheel-in Configurations 

image of ShoreMaster TS9 Wheel in Dock

ShoreMaster TS9 Wheel-in Dock


The 9” frame is incredibly sturdy for its weight. It’s great for the rough waters of Green Bay. The truss frame is the most popular dock construction on the bay of Green Bay.






Infinity RS7

image of RS7 Standing Dock

ShoreMaster RS7 Standing Dock

Standing or Wheel-in configurations available

RS7 frames are one of the most stable and attractive pier systems on the market.

The 7” frame can be configured to fit nearly any layout you desire. Perfect for a rocky to soft lake bottoms with shallow to moderate water depths.




Infinity RS4

iamge of ShoreMaster RS4 series

ShoreMaster RS4 dock with Curved  Dock Sections

The ShoreMaster Infinity RS4 is highly configurable and durable. RS4 frames are ideally suited for a firm to slightly soft lake bottoms. The 4” frame easily handles shallow to moderate water depths and waves.

Don’t forget – these sections can be combined with the RS4 Curved units for even more configurations.




Floating FTS9

image of FTS9 Floating Dock

FTS9 Floating Dock

ShoreMasters Floating FTS9 is the perfect choice for, muddy, fluctuating, deep water conditions.

No more having to adjust the pier height during low or high water situations. A stable, floating dock system, it uses premium dock flotation and with a sturdy truss frame. It looks great and requires minimal maintenance





image of ShoreMaster Poly Dock

ShoreMaster Polydock

Floating Dock Sections

Polydock products help you get out and enjoy your time on the water. It is a  floating, low-maintenance system that is functional as well as attractive.  Accessories like the Shore Port personal watercraft lifts (https://www.shoremaster.com/lifts/lift-models/shoreport/) and a complete line of accessories are available.

You’ll be enjoying your new Polydock system in no time at all. 




As you can see there are MANY options available for your particular needs.  Follow up with Part 2 to see your choices in decking.  

Looking for more detailed information on dock frames follow this link:  https://wisconsinpws.com/piers-docks/

Publication dates:

 Part 1 – What does a Dock cost?
2 – What type of decking is available?
3 –  Which dock configuration should I choose?

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