Dock Steps Provide Safe Access to the Beach

Dock Steps with Handrails

Dock Steps from Pier & Waterfront Solutions (PWS) solve many problems for property owners. All-aluminum steps are available in (4) and (6) step configurations. These will never rust, rot, or require maintenance.

Is your ramp or ladder too steep or uncomfortable for your family to use? Is a ladder too hard to climb at the end of your dock? It’s time to look at aluminum steps. A set of dock steps can be an excellent alternative to access your dock. 

                      Dock steps

Use them:

  1. Anywhere along the edge of your dock;
  2. Use them in place of a ramp if it is too steep to get comfortably to your dock;
  3. Use them to get from a seawall to the beach or directly to your dock; or
  4. To access the deck on your house. (no wood to rot or paint)

Is your embankment too high for even a (6) step unit?

These versatile steps join together to form longer units. You are not limited to 4 or 6 steps.

Starting with four steps, you can go to 6, 8, 10, or 12 steps. Use them to go down rough or slippery embankments to make a steady incline. Why risk a fall or injury?

image of Dock Steps on the embankment

             Dock Steps on the embankment

The example above shows a combined (4) and (6) step unit, to form gradual access to the dock.

These versatile steps can be mounted on a seawall for access to the beach also. You don’t have to risk a fall on the slippery, wet embankment to get to your beach or dock. Steps are a natural solution to your landscaping issues.

image of New Stairs down a cliff


          Need something even longer? 

PWS custom-builds steps in whatever size and shape you need.

Maybe steps are not for you!

image of Gangway for dock access

     Gangway off a seawall


How about a 16′ up to 24′ gangway? 

A gangway is another alternative to consider. Use an all-aluminum walkway from a seawall or embankment to the beach. Don’t let rip-rap or steep embankments hold you back.  No need to risk twisting your ankle!

Gangways are available in 16′, 20′ and 24′ lengths.

Steps or gangways can also be used to gain access to a deck at your house or down a steep parking area to the house. Be sure to check out the gangway and step units in our front “pond” display.



Remember, Pier & Waterfront Solutions (PWS) specializes in Waterfront Solutions for docks and lifts. 

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Gangways – Another way to access a Dock – Updated


Gangways may be the best solution for your dock access problems.

On the Door County peninsula, the wave action is unpredictable.  The only thing you can count on is – the waves will be high many times during the summer.  You have to be ready for them by setting your dock high out of the water to avoid damage in those storms.  

This height presents a problem.  In the past, 97% of docks used a ramp to get to the dock height.  In this case, the typical ramp was 8 or 10-foot long.  8’ long ramps present a steep angle which is hard for young kids and older adults to navigate.

Due to the low angle provided by a gangway, it is easier to access the dock.


PWS has provided several different options for docks in the past.  The options included – ramps, stairs and now gangways with handrails.

With the rising waters in recent years, we see damage to shorter ramps caused by debris brought in by the storms. 

In addition, another problem is decking being torn off the ramp frames by the waves. 


Gangways come in 16’, 20’ and 24-foot lengths. The angle is greatly reduced versus a short ramp.  This makes access much easier. Gangways get you away from the washed-up debris in storms.

image of Gangway for dock access

Gangway off a seawall

If you have a seawall, gangways may allow you direct access to your dock.  You may not have to go down to the beach or over the rocks at all.  Gangways placed on steep embankments make the descent easier and safer.

At times, to allow access to the beach or dock, permanently mounted steps are attached to the sides of cliffs.  In spring, the ice shoves damage the lower sections of the stairway.  Attaching a removable or pivoting gangway to the last section can save expensive damage to the steps.

image of door county ice shove - 2016

Door County Ice Shove – 2016

Many people have large boulders they must go over to get to the dock.

image of Gangways over the shore

Gangways over the shore


Gangways can prevent twisted ankles or falls on slippery surfaces.

They are another means to access your deck on the house. 

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