How to flush a PWC engine

How to Flush a PWC engine.

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After a day of use, all personal watercraft (PWC) should be flushed, especially if used in silty or sandy areas. Flushing debris from the engine cooling system and exhaust will help prevent internal corrosion and keep those critical cooling passages running clear. Your PWC will be ready for operation when you are.  

You want to continue to enjoy your PWC for years to come – Right?

Here’s how to flush a PWC engine.

Follow these 12 steps for flushing and cleaning a PWC.

This information is limited to an overview only.  Remember, always find and follow the instructions for your model before flushing for the first time.

                   SeaDoo PWC Drain locations

  1. Locate the flush port(s). You will generally find flush ports on the transom or under the seat. It depends on your model.
  2. Attach the garden hose to the flush-fitting, but do not start the flow of water. That’s very important! 
  3. Follow your owner’s manual. It may instruct you to idle for 90 seconds to 3 minutes.
  4. Idle the engine but do not rev the engine. Start the flow of water. Starting the water flow before starting the engine could result in water flowing into the engine through the exhaust system.
  5. After flushing, turn the water off and disconnect the hose.  Now shut down the engine.
  6. Replace the plug.


Once done flushing, remember to turn the water off first. Some brands may instruct you to spike the throttle a few times before shutting down the engine to clear water from the exhaust.

Follow Your PWC Owner’s Manual.

These are general instructions.  For flushing instructions specific to your model, consult the owner’s manual maintenance section.  Can’t find the manual? Check the manufacturer’s website or visit the dealer.

On models with a closed cooling system (most late-model Sea-Doo PWCs), flush only the exhaust. 

For other brands and models, flush the exhaust and the engine cooling passages. See the manual for details.

Follow the flushing instructions for your particular brand. 

Failure to follow instructions may allow water to get into the engine, leading to corrosion and repairs.

You can flush the PWC while it is on a trailer or a lift, but it must be out of the water.

Want to clean the PWC further?

Find the flush port. Most brands have a flush port on the back of the hull. An alternative is under the seat or in the engine compartment. Check your owner’s manual for the proper location. Some flush ports accept the male end of a garden hose. Others use a snap-in adaptor that screws onto the garden hose. The adaptor would have been supplied with the PWC when it was new. If you don’t have any required adaptors for your model, you can get one from a dealer.

Now it’s time to clean the engine bay.

1.  Remove the seat sections and any covers under it to see the engine.
2.  Make sure the engine has cooled. Never rinse a hot engine.
3.  Raise the bow of the PWC. Remove the drain plug from the hull so that rinse water can exit.
4.  Using your water hose, rinse the cooled engine area and the bilge. It’s OK to use your thumb to make a spray of water.  Don’t use a nozzle that puts out a lot of pressure. NEVER USE A PRESSURE WASHER. Too much water pressure can force water past the seals on electrical connectors.
5.  Use an old towel or rags to wipe off all excess water from areas you can reach.
6.  Spray down the engine components with a water-displacing lubricant (PWC dealers offer these or simply use WD-40). The oil will displace water left behind and leave a thin, anti-corrosive film.

How to store a PWC.

Store the PWC with the seat off to let the engine compartment dry completely. You can leave the bow up to facilitate draining. Remember to replace the drain plug before using the unit again. Leave yourself a reminder, like a cloth tied to the handlebar.


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