PWC Lift Winch Extension Kit & More

                            PWC Lift Winch Extension Kits and more


Wish you had an easy way to move the Personal Watercraft (PWC) winch closer to your dock height? Is it difficult to kneel on the dock to reach down to get to the winch wheel?  There is a solution!


                                                                        PWC Extension Kit

has a winch extension kit designed to solve this problem. The kit raises the winch and wheel assembly approx. 21″ to make it easy to reach the wheel. 

The extension kit works on the ShoreMaster model 1296 and the more popular ShoreMaster model 1264 Vertical PWC lift.

The winch extension tube raises the winch and wheel on your PWC lift approx. 21″. The winch extension kit makes raising and lowering your lift hassle-free.

There is less danger of you falling headfirst into shallow water. Moving the winch almost two feet higher helps take the strain off your knees and back, too.


How does it attach?

The extension kit attaches to your current winch arm to raise the winch and wheel as a complete unit. The kit is easy to install and makes the lift easier to operate.  You’ll want to use your PWC even more.

Want more convenience?

Walking Platform

    PWC Walking Platform

How about adding a PWC walking platform? The platform allows you to access your PWC lift with ease.  

No more crawling over your unit to put a cover on either. Need a convenient loading/working platform? Here’s your solution!

Today, everything operates via remote control.

Why not your PWC Lift?

image of remote control

                                  Remote Control

Mount a Lift Tech or Lift Boss motor to your PWC lift! Imagine the convenience of raising your PWC by remote control!

It’s the same proven concept used on our boat lifts. Once mounted, it only takes the push of a button to raise or lower your PWC. What could be easier?






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