How to Identify a Shorestation lift model

How to Identify a Shorestation lift model

What Shorestation lift do I have?

Shorestation lifts are the 2nd most popular brand on the Door County peninsula. Their popularity is falling because of the high water and storms we are experiencing.

A Shorestation lift will only raise the rack 54″ and requires an 11″ minimum water depth. Compare that to a ShoreMaster boat lift that goes 66″ high and needs only 6″ of water. [In all cases, add the floating depth of the boat to these numbers.]

Note: Shorestation lift models built before 2021 have been replaced with hydraulic models. 

What do I need to order parts for a Shorestation lift?

                       Shorestation Capacity Label

If you need a repair on any model made before 2021, you will need some measurements to order repair parts for your Shorestation lift. First, look in the area marked to see if you can find the model number  It’s usually on a yellow sticker.

If that label is missing or unreadable, there is another way to determine the model number.  

Measure the size of the bottom frame on the lift. 

The bottom tubes of a Shorestation lift connect the four corners should measure either 2″ wide x 4″ tall or the more common size 2″ wide x 5″ tall. These measurements determine the weight capacity and are the first portion of the model number. 

What else do I need?

Next, measure the inside width across the two sides. The measurement will be 108″ or 120.” On rare occasions, it maybe 132″ if used with a pontoon or a very wide boat.

This dimension gives you the maximum beam that the lift can handle and is a required dimension for most cable repairs. The cable lengths change depending on this dimension.

If the lower frame dimension is 2″ x 4″ and the inside width is 108″, you have a 2600 or a 3000 lb lift.  If the lower framework measures 2″ x 5″ with an inside width of 120″, then you either have a 3600 or a 4000 lb. lift.  

Do I need more information?

Finally, look at the front and rear beam, forming the lift rack – ( Not the side beams). Are the front and rear beams on the movable rack flat, or do they have a “V” shape? 

Also, note the material used on the lift rack. Are the beams made of aluminum or galvanized steel?

If you have an older flat rack I-beam aluminum cradle, add SS to the front of the number. V-racks with a galvanized steel front and rear rack beam require an “S” before the numbers. Here are two examples: SS26108 or SSV36120.             

The model number is crucial when discussing replacement or repair parts for your lift. Without this information, it will be difficult to recommend a course of action. 

Are you replacing the Shorestation lift cable yourself?

If you repair a broken cable yourself, don’t order parts only to discover that you have got the wrong size parts. You may have to pay the shipping to return them and then reorder the correct ones.

Remember, All Shorestation models built before 2021 have been discontinued. Even though the models changed, the lifting heights and minimum water depths for the replacement lifts have not.

 Today, the importance of the lifting height and the minimum required water depth to launch a boat has become very important. The extra 12″ of lifting height from a ShoreMaster boat lift is very important.

In low water situations, this can be critical. Water depths on the Bay do rise and fall in cycles of about 10-20 years. We will someday be back in a low water situation, at which time the minimum depth will once again be an issue.

Is it difficult to change a Shorestation lift cable?

Shorestation lifts have a complicated cable arrangement requiring professional repairs. A repair on a Shorestation lift is not for the faint of heart. A statement particularly true when changing the winch tube cable – the main lifting cable.

Here’s a typical Shorestation lift cable assembly:

Shorestation winch tube assembly (pre-2021)

  This video shows the steps to replace the winch tube cable.

ShoreMaster lifts, on the other hand, have a straightforward cable arrangement making it easier to replace cables.  

          ShoreMaster Lifting Cable Path

The cable follows the path shown with no special tools needed.

 Which cable assembly would you prefer?


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